We have 24 hours per day, isn’t it? Most of us plan our schedule by daily, weekly and monthly. And after planning our time we are somehow worried to fulfil as per the planning, reasons might be a lack of time, failing to give prioritisation (like Stephen Covey time matrix grid), and what not. Though we blame time and search for reasons to defend ourselves. A real fact mostly happens in every individual life.

The research found that at least 2617 times we touch our Smartphone in a day. New research says an average use we spend on a mobile phone is around 2.42 hours a day, and a heavy user spends 3.75 hours a day. Among one lakh participants, US recruited a sample of 94 Android users. They built a tool to track every user across 24/5 days and found people tap, swipe and click for 2617 times each day.

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For top Smartphone users, it takes 5, 427 touches a day as per researchers report. Whereas people use apps (Applications) 132 times presumably. Likewise, average time spent on apps are Facebook 15 percent, messenger 3 percent, Chrome 5 percent, WhatsApp 3 percent, Instagram 3 percent, Home screen 9 percent, messages 11 percent.

Average age group use Smartphone from 15 and 24. Last year, a research report said Americans spend an alarming amount dedicated to phone is 2 hours 51 minutes. Estimating that by 2017, the average users will upsurge to 3.18 hours on an average and the maximum level of 5.56 hours each day.


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