After the departure of the co-founder and the former CEO Tony Fadell in the month of June, the Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. owned company Nest is now adding a new range of products to its product line. Nest cams, formerly known as Drop cams are impressively cool and handy home security tools.  Just like the indoor cam from the company, the new Nest Cam Outdoor will protect you from security treats. Fix it on our outer wall, connect it on Wi-Fi and relax, you are safe now.

Nest Cam Outdoor is capable of capturing 1080p HD video and with its efficient lens it can view in a 130-degree wide-angle. It packs a two-way mic which allows users to communicate with the people next to their door. And this new outdoor monitoring camera amazingly works in all whether conditions. Using artificial intelligence, the Nest Cam Outdoor sends notification to the user when something like a human enters. The device is selective about the motion alerts as it can easily differentiate between the human face, car or an animal hovering in the frame of the security system.

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“It watches and hears everything, but it only tells you the salient information,” stated Mehul Nariyawala, the new project manager of cameras at Nest.

Alike the previous cam model which was released last summer also uses a mobile app. The app offers live video streaming and few other advanced video features on subscription. And the new Nest Cam Outdoor which hits the market in the month of September is now open for pre-order with the price tag of $199.  Indoor Nest cam is also available for the same price. The device comes with 25-foot cable; a 10-foot already attached cable and another 15 foot one with an AC adapter.

Nest claims that it has been working on the outdoor cam for about a year. Nest has finally made changes to its mobile app and the aware software. A monthly premium subscription of software costs $10. Well, the new features are first on Nest devices, as these features of detection are already being offered by competitors like the Simplicam and Netatmo. Well, coming to the storage the video streamed is directly uploaded to the cloud and will be encrypted with a 2048-bit RSA key and with a 128-bit SSL connection. The night vision of the cam is lit by 8 infrared LEDs.

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What if the power goes out or if you have a bad Wi-Fi connection?  Yes, unfortunately you are at risk! Your security system, the Nest Cam outdoor stops working when your network is week or when you have power outage in the place where you reside. The device offers impressive features only when it is plugged-in.

 “The camera is colored white because it’s the only color that reflects the full spectrum of light, versus absorbing it. This helps to control the temperature of the unit and protect the electronics inside,” explained Matt Flegal. “If people paint the camera they might be subjecting it to higher temperatures which could disrupt the operation.”


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