Huawei is the one of the leading company in selling the mobile phones in large number, last year Huawei reached more than 100 million sales. Most of the orders have come from China, and the company wants to expand the sales across the Europe and rest. Huawei is the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and they are planning to develop their mobile operating system.

Currently, the development is in initial stage and need more miles to go. The phones manufactured by Huawei are running on the company’s Android skin, EMUI (Android-based user interface developed by Huawei). But from the recent reports they are planning to build the alternate OS and in case their relationship with the tech giant Google sours.

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Recently the company has reported that the team has started working on the mobile Operating System in Scandinavia. Currently, the team is involved with the ex-Nokia employees. Although Huawei is not only the Android mobile phone maker exploring the alternatives for the better competition. As you all know Samsung has its native Linux based OS Tizen, sources have a word that the information says that companies OS aren’t far along.

Huawei aims to become the global electronics brand and as of now the company is selling almost all phones in China. The company has yet to have a secure deal with the leading US carrier. The company sells their unlocked smartphones through online, and its products lack in trustworthiness in the west due to their unoriginal software.

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The company is worrying about the future, what might happen if the event management model of Android changes in the future. Huawei will be trouble if Google stops providing the supporting Android on third-party devices or restrict what OEMs can do with the platform.

We all have to know that Huawei is undergoing with the complete ground-up project, or it is starting with the Android as the base. Huawei will ever have reason to deploy its secret OS; apparently some of the work is done just in case.