Google comes with “ALL LOAD QUICKLY” with “AMP” (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enabled.

Here is good news, that Google is providing a platform with faster, smoother carousel experience. Google surely wants you to put out, and you will experience speedier web browser with AMP enabled news article search. In its official blog, on October 2015, Google introduces Accelerated Mobile Pages Projects to move a bit faster when you open a browser in mobile web.

The company braked out this open source initiative last year as something of rival to Facebook’s, and Apple Instant Articles. The project’s long-term goal is to speed up web browsing on mobile devices by contributing an open core groundwork namely AMP HTML, based on existing web technologies, which allows for more lightweight, speedier mobile web pages.

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AMP powered pages will load promptly, even when they have a lot of media like video, animations or graphics, including things like Twitter and YouTube embeds.

Considering, the launch of the initiative, AMP has been grasped by a large group of news publishers, ad partners, platforms like Word Press, analytics firms, and tool makers. In February, it was unified AMP pages into Google search results by displaying carousel featuring stories on AMP enabled websites.

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Google states that this AMP in Google News will display the particular relevant headlines of the day. The division of article will include around 14 headlines that can route over quickly, thanks to Google for recognizing and helped users to fasten the loading of AMP articles.

And as with the unification into Google search, the AMP articles will be flagged with a little lightning bolt icon next to the word “AMP.” So that people might know which stories can they have an overview. This progress that likely increase clicks on mobile and drive publishers to adopt AMP to reconsider that decision.

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 On a blog post explained by Google that people will read and click on more stories when they know they will load fast with more traffic to a publisher’s site.” AMP, Google asserted, can charge with an average speed of four times faster and data usage will reduce to 10 times less than their non-AMP counterparts.

The AMP version of Google News is rolled out in English U.S. edition, more languages and additions will arrive soon, says Google.