Thanks to the innovation of American glass and camera manufacturer Corning, for designing the toughest glasses that safe guard your expensive smart gadgets. The good news is, you will never ever worry about fumbling and dropping phones from new heights in the future. Yes, the latest version of the Corning’s Gorilla Glass is getting stronger than the successors. Today the company has announced the all new Gorilla Glass 5.

On the basis of a study on Toluna’s Quicksurvey panel, a researcher at Corning has explained that in past year two-third of the gadgets/ phones have been dropped from the shoulder to waist heights. It is also claimed that, last year 85 percent of the smartphone users have unhanded their phones at least once. And unfortunately the successor version Gorilla Glass 4 was able to resist drops only from the lesser heights that were close to one meter. The next-generation Gorilla Glass 5 can resist a higher drop that is up to 5.2 Ft/ 1.6 meters.

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John Bayne, VP and General Manager at Corning Gorilla glass said, “With each successive generation of Corning Gorilla Glass, we have taken cover glass technology to new levels. Gorilla Glass 5 is no exception, extending Corning’s advantage in drop performance over competitive glasses.”

“With many real-world drops occurring from between waist and shoulder height, we knew improving drop performance would be an important and necessary advancement.” John also stated -“And as we go to 3D designs, the edge is more exposed … and you have to be sensitive to that.”

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According to few repots Corning has already started production of the new Gorilla Glass 5 and the company has promised to furnish more details later in this year. Over a decade, above 4.5 billion devices are equipped with Gorilla glass across the world. Now, the older versions- Gorilla Glass 3 and 4 are expected to sold at lower prices to the manufacturers, but soon the production of the 3rd version glass will come to an end.