A team of Chinese white hacking experts hacked Google’s flagship Pixel in just under 60 seconds. The team has exhibited their outstanding hacking skill at an international event held in South Korea.

Pwnfest is a hacking competition that takes place in Seoul, South Korea. A team of white hackers naming Qihoo 360 unveiled a bug in its system which enables the team to manipulate Pixel remotely. Pixel OS was hacked in time span of just 60 seconds using zero-day vulnerability.

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Incidentally, a message popped on the screen, “PawNed by 360 Alpha Team” ahead of launching the Google Play Store and Chrome web browser of mobile phone version. The white hacking team Qihoo 360 of China earned a reward of $120,000 in cash for tracing the bug from Google; additionally, a patch developed by Google made its way since it has already started working on it.

Adding to all these exposures, the extremely talented White hacking expert team also bagged $520,000 cash by proudly disclosing some major flaws in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 OS.

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The team also discovered another outdated yet existing exploit working flawlessly on Adobe Flash. Stay tuned for the update next month. There are no reports of anyone claiming the $180,000 offer by Apple for an iOS 10/iPhone 7 Plus exploit.

All the systems which have been hacked are running on the latest versions. Details about the exploits will be conceded to facilitate the patch for preventing black-hat hackers.