Facebook is facing another measurement problem regarding video views and ad data as it is reported recently in its official blog post on Friday. It has seen a difference in the number of posts shared and likes which was reported on its Graph API.

Through this, the page owners can see how their posts are performed compared to statistics that would if the same user saw from the Facebook mobile app. Besides this, the page owners are facing some internal dashboards was not giving the actual number that they saw in the app.

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The social network website Facebook has admitted to few faulty metrics of Live Reactions. People can react as many times as they can during the broadcast. But the biggest problem that arises is that the website’s counter takes only first to determine the total number of ‘reactions from shares of post’.

Since it is all about faulty metrics, Facebook counted users other response under the section, instead of counting users different reactions. The company claimed that it is fixing the problem where it has only reported one reaction per unique user on Live Video on its Page Insights.

Facebook also found that there is a limit of compatibility in the number of shares based on where you are viewing. For instance, the total number of web pages shares on the Facebook app might be bigger or smaller than the number of shares you will find when you copy and paste the same URL into the app’s search bar.

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The company has claimed that they are currently working on the issue of Live Reactions, the Like and Share button metrics and mobile search query metric match up. They will notify partners as soon as the update is introduced.


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