Fast and Furious 8 is now the Fate of the Furious. The official trailer is released now just take a look at F8 trailer here. The whole cast who saw in Furious 7 is once again coming to mesmerize the viewers with mind-blowing car chasings and terrific action scenes.

The Fast and Furious 8 Trailer gives us goosebumps which include snowmobiles and tanks on the ice. In the Trailer it seems like that all is not well between Vin Diesel and the Rock. After watching the trailer, it looks like Diesel’s Dom has turned his back on his crew.

It is the eighth installment in the popular Fats and Furious Franchise, and it will be scheduled to release on April 14, 2017, in the USA. The film features Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron Helen Mirren, Scott Eastwood, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson.

Directed by F. Gary Gray the Fast and Furious 8 Trailer was promising and so much impressive with a lot of action episodes. The actors Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and director F. Gary Gray, attended for F8 trailer launch and speaking to media, actor Gibson said, we did a lot of hard work to make it the best. The actor paid tribute to Paul Walker during his interview.

The previous film in the franchise Fast and Furious 7 released in 2015 and it had collected $1 billion worldwide at the ticket window and stood as the sixth biggest title of all time.

‘The Fate of the Furious’ starts after Dom and Letty are on their Honeymoon, and the remaining cast has returned to a somewhat normal Life. But the mysterious woman role played by Charlize Theron took Dom into the crime world. From the streets of the New York City to the ice lands on the arctic Barents Sea, the film is fully loaded with power-packed action episodes.