If you are a Mac user, then you can download the new screen saver application launched by Google. This application utilises their large number libraries for the stunning photography.

As you see the photographs on your TV while you are using Chromecast and the Android TV device. Google has recently launched two new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL which are having the great and high-quality images. The photos application on the Android and iOS is the best thing for both storing and categorising in the cloud.

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Now taking the passion for photography to next level, they had come up with the all new app for MacOS. The new application called ‘Featured Photos Screensaver app‘ released and it creates the new screensaver and using the images that are sourced from the user photos which are uploaded on Google+.

You don’t need to worry about the images in your account. These images are shared only after the user agreement regarding the sharing. Google+ users have the chance to choose the preference.

Google has shared on the blog about this. We observe the different perspective of photographs, talented photographers’ eye-catching captures that are shared on Google+ each day.

Neil Inala, Google+ Product Manager from Google, says “to bring these photos for the audience; we have showcased the section of them on your TVs and monitors around the world via Google Fiber and millions of Chromecast devices.”

He explained that they are pleased and able to make these beautiful photos by our members even more accessible by bringing them on your computers and phones.

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This new featured photos screensaver for Mac. With this, you can display the stunning images with high-resolution directly from your Google+ members whenever you are inactive.

Check out the types of photographs that can feature and know the requirements below:

  • Publicly shared on Google+
  • Photos must be in landscape orientation (not portrait)
  • Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Do not feature people
  • Do not have text or watermarks
  • Must post by the original owner

Google have not released the ‘Featured Photos Screensaver app‘ for Windows 10. This is available for your Mac, you can download and install this app. ‘Wallpaper’ app is available on Google Play Store for Android users where you can apply the images as the screensaver.

How to Download Featured Photos Screensaver App for Mac: plus.google.com/featuredphotos

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