Air Pollution threats are known for decades, and we all have been adding to the potential hazards of global warming. In spite of international conferences and meets, the global warming issue remains unchanged.

The excess carbon in the atmosphere remains the same. In contrary to this Indian collective known as Graviky Lab’s brainchild Air Ink is said to use the extra carbon from the climate or soot.

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Air Ink is a line pen whose ink is made from the recycled air pollution. The company website mentioned that  “We complain about air pollution. What if we had a way to capture, clean, and repurpose it into a means of expression?”

It is said to be the first ink made out of recycled air pollution. They have used soot for this potential discovery. Soot contains extremely tiny particles about 2.5 micrometres of carbon particles and incompletely burnt fossil fuels.

They travel deep into lungs and causes diseases like asthma etc. “Depending upon the engine and environmental variables, about 80-90 percent content in automotive PM is carbon based. This is what we target.” Mentioned the website.

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These pens contain about 30-50 minutes of air pollution generated by car exhaust. Tiger Beer sponsored this Air Ink pens which are now used by some artists for their eye-popping works.

Research findings have shown that many premature deaths have occurred due to soot in the environment. About 20,000 deaths occur in America each year which is due to soot related diseases.

The idea was presented in 2013 Ink conference after which they started working to get the end product Air Ink. The research work from the Graviky Labs has produced harmful lung pollutants to rest as fantastic art.

More such works will be appreciated to reduce such dangerous particulate matter which can be of proper use of mankind.