Have you ever thought of wearing a Smart Shirt that lets you share the business cards, play music, share your social profiles with one single tap? Arrow has designed the new smart shirt which lets you do these things. Experience the Smart Shirt will help you in not missing the meetings at the office, social gatherings, sending the message alert for the incoming calls. There are a lot of things that are interesting to explore in the new Smart Shirt.

Always stay connected with the simple one Tap away.

When you are out for the Lunch then, you need to share your social profiles of your LinkedIn, Facebook and others, with the single tap with you can share the details with your friends, acquaintances or colleagues. All they need to do is tap their phone on the left cuff of your Smart Shirt to have a look.

With this, it’s like keeping the business card in your sleeve. After finishing the meetings with the client just with the single tap on the left cuff, you can share your business card.

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Now you can customise your meeting mode by choosing from the silent mode, vibrate mode and auto response, to put an end to mid-meeting interruptions with your Shirt. Activate the home mode to stay connected and relaxed without any disturbance, with a single tap on your Arrow Smart Shirt.

With this shirt working hard just got convenient.

Activate the work mode with low brightness on your smartphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save your battery life and stay focused to get the job done without your phone getting in the way!Pair any device of your preference.

Pairing with your Bluetooth speakers of choice has never been this easy! With one tap on your Shirt and you’re ready to go.

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This Smart Shirt from Arrow is exclusively available on Arrow Official Store 


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