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Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung had launched the Samsung Pay mobile application. Samsung Pay app let the user store all his card details in the wallet very securely. It acts as a digital wallet. This Application allows the users to pay the bill without your card at the billing desk. At the end of 2015, Samsung has released Samsung Pay application, and this hasn’t created the huge impact since it is only available for the Samsung phone owners. Finally, Samsung has decided to release the Samsung Pay Mini Application, which is provided on the third party Android and IOS devices.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

Soon the Samsung Pay Mini is provided for the Android smartphones and Samsung phones along with the IOS devices. Samsung wants to increase the user base in using the Samsung Pay Mini app, so Samsung is planning to release for Android and IOS devices.

How to use the Samsung Pay Mini?

Open the Samsung Pay Mini Application authorise with your fingerprint or with the secure pin. To make the payment just place the device close to the swiping machine where you make the payment. Tap your card when you place the device near the terminal. You are done with the payment. NFC technology is used as the connection between the device and the terminal.

Samsung Showcases a New Fully Flexible OLED Smartphone Screen Prototype

Currently, the Samsung Pay is available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note5. Only a few cards are compatible with the Samsung pay.

The Samsung Pay Mini Application will work on the Android devices that run Android Marshmallow (v6.0) and the Apple devices running with the IOS8 is compatible to run this application. Samsung might release the app in the month of June, and it is also planning for the application to release the payment version of the application for Windows and OS X platforms.

Samsung’s High-End Family Hub is a $6000 Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Showcases a New Fully Flexible OLED Smartphone Screen Prototype

The much known fact is that the South Korean multinational company, Samsung has been working on flexible and foldable displays since long time. But the company has never released any foldable smartphone till date. Well, Galaxy S7 and S6 are pretty good curved display models which have “edge” versions but may not satisfy the one, who is looking for something out of the box.

The talks about the foldable display smartphones are that a Galaxy X flagship smartphone might join the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note by next year. Samsung in this week has come up with its latest invention in the display technology. The South Korean giant shows off a fully flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen/ panel in the Display Week expo and conference (SID Event 2016) which is taking place in San Francisco this week.

China’s Bendable Smartphone from Moxi Group plans to release at year end

Video which is captured by Slashgear shows that the roll able screen display measures 5.7-inch with a full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display resolution, 386ppi. From the video it is very clear that the OLED screen rolls up into a 10mm metal cylinder on the side. You can find that brightness is like Galaxy S7 edge brightness. Vivid colored cityscapes and other pictures are being automatically rolled and unrolled on the screen. The foldable OLED screen without a touch layer weighs 5grms which is just 0.3 millimeters thin.

Samsung has also showed off other prototype panel which is of same 0.3mm thinness but it comes with 2560×1440 resolution, 551 ppi. The company has not declared the release of this panel in to the market. Samsung now experiences a tough competition from other companies on flexible displays. Earlier in this year ReFlex, a prototype foldable smartphone with 6-inch, OLED screen (720 x 1280 resolution) was demonstrated. ReFlex OLED screen was actually sourced by LG displays. And a couple of days ago a Chinese manufacturer introduce a Bendable Graphene Display, with a full touch layer.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

Reports say that the Samsung’s foldable smartphone will fold in to two like a wallet. But just wait and watch the game till the Samsung Company officially announces the release date which is expected to be in the year 2017. The much complicated foldable OLED screen smartphones might rule the future!

Is Apple Going To Reunite With Old Friend Samsung?

Apple iPhone is playing a prominent role in the world with its smartphones. With the every release of the iphone, Apple maintains the upgradations in the new model. Now rumors are on air that, Apple is going to reunite with his old friend Samsung. The next model from the Apple will get the OLED display, which will be supplied by Samsung. But this is not going happen for the Apple next model. Mostly for Apple iPhone 7S this improvement will work out, which is going to release in the year 2017.

Apple and Samsung have a complicated relationship. Currently, these companies are embroiled in a US Supreme Court case over whether Samsung violated patents Apple holds related to smartphone technology.

Apple May Move From OS X to MacOS

According to the report given by the Korea Herald, Apple had come close to Samsung for providing the OLED displays for their upcoming model in 2017. As per the Apple smartphone lineup, 2017 might go with Apple iPhone 7S. Before this model, Apple iPhone 7 will release in spite of it 7S is going to get the OLED Display Technology. There is a deal for 100 million units of OLED panels for 5.5-inch displays which worth $2.59 Billion. Samsung has to ship the units over next three years. We can expect the large screen iPhone in the next upgrade iPhone 7S Plus.

Samsung is going to build a new and dedicated production plant at Asan, South Chungcheong. To fulfill the Apple order, Samsung had come up with this new plan.

New Safari app from Apple

In the earlier, there were the rumors that Apple is going to get the 5.8-inch large display with the wraparound screen. But with the recent update, Apple has signed the deal for the 5.5 inch OLED display for their next model. With the OLED (Light-Emitting Diode) display technology the images look so crisp and render the right colors on the screen. The device also looks slimmer and eliminate the backlighting of traditional LCD. Some market researchers thought that flexibility of advanced panel was the main issue to grab the apple’s interest. As per the MacRumors, there might be likely to happen some negative aspects regarding the high production cost and the shorter lifespan.

Kuo’s report saying that future iPhones are going to have the entirely new form of design factor with narrow glass and cozy to hold the phone. In the recent times, OLED displays are getting familiar with other smartphone manufacturers like Microsoft, which make the Lumia smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 Review and Specifications

40% of the panels for the iPhone are provided by LG display. LG Display is going to face the huge revenue loss if Apple seeks the Samsung as the key supplier. The recent contract signed by the Samsung Display is 3 Trillion to supply the OLED displays to the Apple.


Samsung had unveiled a couple of new tools to Internet of Things IOT enabling them to create and develop innovative ideas & devices. The new tools allow the developers of IOT to provide some of the key capabilities that are required to do the work

Internet of Things is considered as the technology of the future generation. As a part of the company’s technological development, Samsung had been contributing by providing its products for the developers.

At the company’s third annual developing conference in San Francisco unveiled the tools including Samsung Artik IDE (integrated development environment) and an IoT-focused Samsung Artik Cloud. The live streamed event is also attended by more than 4000 developers.

The new tools are exclusively for the developer who uses Samsung’s Artik SOM (System on Module).The Officials of the company also discussed the ongoing and future projects that include virtual reality, security and entertainment services.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

On using the beta version of Samsung Artik IDE, which is unveiled at the event, IoT developers can use tools to build, deploy and manage their applications. It is an open-source cloud IoT environment that is based on Eclipse Che, which is a community-driven open-source cloud IDE

Artik IDE’s unique feature is that it automatically discovers a developer’s modules and integrated testing, debugging and development built within. It is also capable of understanding languages like C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and more.

With its new cloud service the company want to enter into the fast-growing Internet of Things market. The IoT is the future technology on which Industry Big Guns like Microsoft, IBM and Intel are also currently working.

Samsung’s High-End Family Hub is a $6000 Smart Refrigerator

The new Artik cloud enables the developers to collect, store and act on any data from any device or cloud service, which would lessen the developer’s burden and secure functioning.

The Company had released small SOM devices in the month of May last year. Terming them as Artik modules, which are optimised for IoT devices including the Artik 1, smallest one, with a length of 0.47 inches square, while the largest module, the Artik 10 eight-core device, 1.53 x 1.14 inches in size.

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 Review and Specifications

Artik 10 comes up with 32-bit ARM CPU, which has four Cortex-A15 cores to handle the most demanding tasks and four lower-power Cortex-A7 cores for lighter use. Having Mali T628 MP6 graphics processor allows streaming of HD videos. Other features including the capability to connect wireless devices and ports to connect external sensors, cameras & displays.

The Artik 10 would be available for sale through online retailer DIGI KEY from May 2016.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

Samsung’s files petition for the patent application on next wearable Smartwatch, where the user can configure on their body and control the method thereof implemented.

Wearable Devices consists an image projector that projects a virtual user interface (UI) screen. The camera configured to capture an image, and detect a target area from the picture captured by the camera.

So, finally, Samsung’s Smartwatch will trick upon your sleeve, on your palm, or the desk or a flat surface near to you.

The patent also describes listing, how the display technology could use other wearable factors such as AR and VR headsets. The purpose of this projector would be to use it as a secondary display like Cicret bracelet.

Latest Technology makes your Skin a Touchscreen for Smartwatches

The Korean company patent application published on this May illustrates the next gen Smartwatch. But there is no guarantee that this user interface (UI) specifications will come up in this real world or not, well appreciate Samsung for its thinking, that we can see the World through a small square box (Smart watches).

Earlier last year, the Samsung Gear S2 latest seventh Smartwatch come in two variants. The round-faced smart watches, one is a standard one and another is a classic which has its Samsung operating system, Tizen.

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The usage just interfaces for dialling, messaging and information relating navigational search. It is also provided with number pad, a keyboard, or show extended menu functions for the projected area.

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