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Apple iPhone is playing a prominent role in the world with its smartphones. With the every release of the iphone, Apple maintains the upgradations in the new model. Now rumors are on air that, Apple is going to reunite with his old friend Samsung. The next model from the Apple will get the OLED display, which will be supplied by Samsung. But this is not going happen for the Apple next model. Mostly for Apple iPhone 7S this improvement will work out, which is going to release in the year 2017.

Apple and Samsung have a complicated relationship. Currently, these companies are embroiled in a US Supreme Court case over whether Samsung violated patents Apple holds related to smartphone technology.

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According to the report given by the Korea Herald, Apple had come close to Samsung for providing the OLED displays for their upcoming model in 2017. As per the Apple smartphone lineup, 2017 might go with Apple iPhone 7S. Before this model, Apple iPhone 7 will release in spite of it 7S is going to get the OLED Display Technology. There is a deal for 100 million units of OLED panels for 5.5-inch displays which worth $2.59 Billion. Samsung has to ship the units over next three years. We can expect the large screen iPhone in the next upgrade iPhone 7S Plus.

Samsung is going to build a new and dedicated production plant at Asan, South Chungcheong. To fulfill the Apple order, Samsung had come up with this new plan.

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In the earlier, there were the rumors that Apple is going to get the 5.8-inch large display with the wraparound screen. But with the recent update, Apple has signed the deal for the 5.5 inch OLED display for their next model. With the OLED (Light-Emitting Diode) display technology the images look so crisp and render the right colors on the screen. The device also looks slimmer and eliminate the backlighting of traditional LCD. Some market researchers thought that flexibility of advanced panel was the main issue to grab the apple’s interest. As per the MacRumors, there might be likely to happen some negative aspects regarding the high production cost and the shorter lifespan.

Kuo’s report saying that future iPhones are going to have the entirely new form of design factor with narrow glass and cozy to hold the phone. In the recent times, OLED displays are getting familiar with other smartphone manufacturers like Microsoft, which make the Lumia smartphone.

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40% of the panels for the iPhone are provided by LG display. LG Display is going to face the huge revenue loss if Apple seeks the Samsung as the key supplier. The recent contract signed by the Samsung Display is 3 Trillion to supply the OLED displays to the Apple.


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