new safari app

This new and very mysterious app is the new creation which Apple can give users, to see how the future of all web-technologies will look like.
The browser’ app will work with iOS and OS X.
According to the specialists from Apple, Safari already is a perfect option for those who work with Mac or iPad and iPhone. The Technology Preview Safari will give us a clue about new updates for electronic devices. There will be different creative tools, video effects, different hi tech of the future etc.
For now, we are able to see it thanks to the work of Safari Technology Preview, made by Apple.
We want to show you main characteristics, which can be interesting for all iOS or OS X users:
– The latest news from web-technologies. You will see the extended new better type of Safari, with Java Script, HTML, CSS. This app will also have a new version of the famous WebKit.
– This technology is very easy to change. As a bonus, you can upgrade it inside the Store. New updates will be released in a few weeks. They will include the latest WebKit version.
– New version will open all developer tools for you. You will be in charge of your own web-creations. You will be able to do whatever you want with your sites.
– Safari browser can be used together or separate with Safari Technology Preview app. If you will want to download it, it will extend the abilities of your browser, if you will not do that – well that is your choice.
– The feedback about different requests and issues will be send to Apple directly, through the Bug Reporter. You will have to select the right command and use the Help button.
– Safari app can be connected with the I Cloud, and you will have all your bookmarks, addresses etc.
You can download this app any time you want it, it will not take a long time.


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