The giant South Korean manufacturer on Wednesday showcased the Family Hub refrigerator at its showroom in New York. The smart fridge is now on sale in all its stores across the country. The retail price of the model starts at $5,600 and $6000 for over-the-top black stainless steel model. Yes, it is the most expensive fridge which is right now not available outside the US.

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A smart high-end refrigerator with a wide 21.5 inch touchscreen on the door is the bold creation of the Samsung Family hub refrigerator. The internet connected Family hub fridge’s touchscreen on the door is a very attractive feature giving touch of huge smart phone to the refrigerator. The screen can become a shared space for posting digital sticky notes, watching TV and viewing photos. The added advantage is that the screen runs more apps, unlike the other smart fridges in the past. The model is surely the smartest looking fridge with the seek stainless steel finish and the polished luxurious handles.

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The four door flex refrigerator’s out standing feature is the three cameras built inside the door which help you watch the food items or groceries leftover. With the support of a smartphone app, the fridge’s cameras will help you to buy the veggies, fruits you are running low when you are at a store. Apps like Instacart and Groceries by Mastercard are integrated with this model. Many other apps like AllRecepies, Pandora, Sticki, TuneIn are integrated and it also has ability to mirror Samsung smart TV to your fridge.

The other cool option featured in the all new Samsung smart fridge is, when the cameras associate with the “Food Reminders” app, you can drag and drop expiration date reminders on different food items in the fridge.

Well, this is not the first smart fridge with a camera. In 2014 LG has showcased such fridge but it has no access to many apps like this model have. But isn’t too high to be spent on a refrigerator? One can find a cheaper smart fridge like Whirpool’s smart French Door Fridge prices $3,800 which offers most of the internet connected features. So, lets wait and see whether this is going to be the fridge of the future or just too far fridge.


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