Samsung had unveiled a couple of new tools to Internet of Things IOT enabling them to create and develop innovative ideas & devices. The new tools allow the developers of IOT to provide some of the key capabilities that are required to do the work

Internet of Things is considered as the technology of the future generation. As a part of the company’s technological development, Samsung had been contributing by providing its products for the developers.

At the company’s third annual developing conference in San Francisco unveiled the tools including Samsung Artik IDE (integrated development environment) and an IoT-focused Samsung Artik Cloud. The live streamed event is also attended by more than 4000 developers.

The new tools are exclusively for the developer who uses Samsung’s Artik SOM (System on Module).The Officials of the company also discussed the ongoing and future projects that include virtual reality, security and entertainment services.

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On using the beta version of Samsung Artik IDE, which is unveiled at the event, IoT developers can use tools to build, deploy and manage their applications. It is an open-source cloud IoT environment that is based on Eclipse Che, which is a community-driven open-source cloud IDE

Artik IDE’s unique feature is that it automatically discovers a developer’s modules and integrated testing, debugging and development built within. It is also capable of understanding languages like C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and more.

With its new cloud service the company want to enter into the fast-growing Internet of Things market. The IoT is the future technology on which Industry Big Guns like Microsoft, IBM and Intel are also currently working.

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The new Artik cloud enables the developers to collect, store and act on any data from any device or cloud service, which would lessen the developer’s burden and secure functioning.

The Company had released small SOM devices in the month of May last year. Terming them as Artik modules, which are optimised for IoT devices including the Artik 1, smallest one, with a length of 0.47 inches square, while the largest module, the Artik 10 eight-core device, 1.53 x 1.14 inches in size.

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Artik 10 comes up with 32-bit ARM CPU, which has four Cortex-A15 cores to handle the most demanding tasks and four lower-power Cortex-A7 cores for lighter use. Having Mali T628 MP6 graphics processor allows streaming of HD videos. Other features including the capability to connect wireless devices and ports to connect external sensors, cameras & displays.

The Artik 10 would be available for sale through online retailer DIGI KEY from May 2016.