OSX to Macos

Apple had released a document on the survey conducted on its users globally. According to that release the company expects that on average, every new iPhone & Apple watch user uses it for just three years before replacing it while a new Mac user remains it for four years without change.

Regarding the company’s contribution towards the environment protection, they had done an assessment of their users. Taking years of use as a metric, they had briefed how the Apple users are contributing to the greenhouse life cycle. They also stated about their new Apps for Earth Campaign along with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

An early analysis made by IHS reported that 29% of the presently used phones are iPhone 5 which are released three years back whereas 23% of them are the prior models of iPhone 5.The study does not include the recycling, reconditioning or resale of the device.

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The software updates of Apple don’t support the older iPhone models until IOS 8 released in 2014 which supports iPhone 4s launched in 2011. Now iPhone 4s is supported by both IOS 8 & IOS 9.

Macs have a typically long life cycle like the other computers and a better software support life. Recently released update OS X 10.11 El Captain still supports older Mac’s of 2007. Even after knowing about this fact Apple expects Mac’s life to 4 years.

Apple hinted a name change of its operating system OS X to Mac OS. Talking about the life assumption of apple computers stated as expected four years of MacOS and tvOs devices but replaced it with the current name OS. This may be intentional or mistake but the official announcement is not known.

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During the initial stages the Mac operating systems are termed as Mac OS but in 2011 with the advent of version 9.2 it is being changed to OS X cheetah. The news takes much prominence because people are mistaking OS X to OS 10 and it is becoming an issue for the company. The rebranding doesn’t change anything but brings consistency with all the other versions of Apple such as IOS, TvOS, and WatchOS.

With a possibility of both, Apple can go with the present name with a change in the decimal or renovate it with the latest version.

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