The much known fact is that the South Korean multinational company, Samsung has been working on flexible and foldable displays since long time. But the company has never released any foldable smartphone till date. Well, Galaxy S7 and S6 are pretty good curved display models which have “edge” versions but may not satisfy the one, who is looking for something out of the box.

The talks about the foldable display smartphones are that a Galaxy X flagship smartphone might join the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note by next year. Samsung in this week has come up with its latest invention in the display technology. The South Korean giant shows off a fully flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen/ panel in the Display Week expo and conference (SID Event 2016) which is taking place in San Francisco this week.

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Video which is captured by Slashgear shows that the roll able screen display measures 5.7-inch with a full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display resolution, 386ppi. From the video it is very clear that the OLED screen rolls up into a 10mm metal cylinder on the side. You can find that brightness is like Galaxy S7 edge brightness. Vivid colored cityscapes and other pictures are being automatically rolled and unrolled on the screen. The foldable OLED screen without a touch layer weighs 5grms which is just 0.3 millimeters thin.

Samsung has also showed off other prototype panel which is of same 0.3mm thinness but it comes with 2560×1440 resolution, 551 ppi. The company has not declared the release of this panel in to the market. Samsung now experiences a tough competition from other companies on flexible displays. Earlier in this year ReFlex, a prototype foldable smartphone with 6-inch, OLED screen (720 x 1280 resolution) was demonstrated. ReFlex OLED screen was actually sourced by LG displays. And a couple of days ago a Chinese manufacturer introduce a Bendable Graphene Display, with a full touch layer.

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Reports say that the Samsung’s foldable smartphone will fold in to two like a wallet. But just wait and watch the game till the Samsung Company officially announces the release date which is expected to be in the year 2017. The much complicated foldable OLED screen smartphones might rule the future!


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