Asus, a Chinese Electronics Company best known for its Laptops and smartphones had introduced a low-cost home ROBOT named Zenbo. During the company’s annual event Computex 2016 the firm’s chairman Jonney Shih gave a demonstration of Zenbo on the stage.

Zenbo is a hands-free household helper which can move all way through the home by using its built-in cameras. It can give answers to the questions through it’s built in voice system which sounds somewhat creepy but not as scary as some of the voice assistants.

Talking about the physical structure of Zenbo it would be around knee height for an average adult. A touch screen built on its face assists you with shopping, making video calls, stream content and also used for controlling the machine. The screen also shows several emotions of the robot like laughing, blushing.

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Zenbo can control some of the smart- home appliances like lights, Air-conditioners, Televisions and Smart door locks.

The cameras which it is equipped with are capable of recognising persons with the Face-recognizing technology.

It can be a friend to everyone and assist all of them in their daily activities irrespective of their age. It can be a kitchen assistant which respond to the voice queries and would speak out recipes, remind you about your to do list and other important events on a particular day.

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It can act as a storyteller for kids and a friendly companion which can play music and also capable of taking pictures on the voice commands. For older people in the family, it plays a caretaker role where it reminds about the day to day medication and can send alerts to other members of the family in emergency situations.

Zenbo can function like a smart home manager, security guard and family photographer who would assure users to enjoy a connected digital life.

The little Robot would cost just $599 for taking to your home. It is very affordable when compared with the existing bots. Asus also announced that they are going to launch a developer program to help others in developing applications for their new product.

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It would undergo some more improvements before rolling out into the market.


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