Hanson Robotics has unveiled their wonderful cute Mini Einstein Robot at CES 2017. This robot looks and acts as a real Albert Einstein. It walks, talks and interacts with you and gives you over 50 real expressions and gestures. This Robot also works as your personal genius.

It is cloud-connected and which lets you download new activities from cloud whenever you are ready for more Einstein fun. They are many interactional apps which provide you fun education. It also helps to do your science skills using free Stein- O- Matic- App for your Android tablet or iPad.

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This Mini Einstein Robot recognizes your voice and answers your question, it also holds a natural conversation with you.

Always knowledge on demand, it provides up to the minute weather updates, solves maths problems, recites facts about famous people. It has rechargeable batteries which have delivered up to three consecutive days of learning and entertainment.

Hanson Robots unveils its mini robot with the name of Professor Einstein at CES 2017.  It is 14.5″ Wi-Fi-connected robot geared toward educating and entertaining its users with the likeness of the late genius Albert Einstein.

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CEO and founder David Hanson said this Einstein robot could physically explore the world the way that a baby would, and it can socially explore and learn from people.”

He also said this individual robot would become your personal companion, and privacy is totally respected, it’s not learning all people around the world but what is doing is learning from those interactions to learn.

This battery life for Professor Einstein for three top four hours and comes with rechargeable batteries which have equipped with his feet.

You can also sign up for the waitlist with your name and email address at website professoreinstein.com


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