Kirobo Mini

Toyota is bringing the new Kirobo Mini to market in 2017; the company has proved that robots can be cute, companion, and useful. The sales of this Robot will start only at the selected Toyota Dealers in Japan in this winter. Later this will be available national wide in the next year.

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp is now with the new robot which can talk with you, and ask questions when you feels down, responds and gives you the answers.

Kirobo Mini is developed as a “communication partner,” It can hold the necessary conversations, and make the hand gestures and respond to the humans and their emotions. This is small enough for fitting in the hand’s palm, and this is perfectly portable. This is going to be the constant companion to its owner. Meet Kirobo Mini, the companion for the humans.

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Kirobo Mini cost about 39,800-yen, and it is about 10-centimeter about 4 inches tall and doll-like robot. This is supposed to be like as smart as five-year-old kid.

Kataoka says “Toyota has been making cars that have a lot of valuable uses. But this time, we’re just pushing emotional value.”

cute robot

Fuminori Kataoka, The general manager of this project who is currently handling the project, says “its value is sentimental; this is the faithful companion when you go outside from home to car. Although the owner must do all the walking and driving,” He added.

The pre-orders will start later this year, and the shipments are set for next year. The complete details about the overseas sales are not planned so far. The sales are initially limited to Tokyo and Aichi prefecture in central Japan which is near to the company’s headquarters. This will enhance in getting the appropriate feedback from the customers.

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Kirobo is equipped with the camera, Bluetooth, and microphone, which helps in connecting to the smartphone. The user has to install the special software application. This robot turns the head towards it, when hears the voice. Moreover, the functions fail to recognize its voice as it is far from the perfect.


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