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Is Facebook Breaching Android App Policies with SMS Integration?

Facebook had already proved its dominance in social media many times. The social network giant had made an aggressive move by adding SMS feature to its messenger application. It may or may not increase the number of users using the messenger but a blow to the Network providers.

Some are saying that the Facebook’s SMS prompt might be breaching the policies of Google Play.

The deceptive device settings coming with a quick offering to choose between the SMS and Messenger offers both Ok and settings button. But the violation is that the Ok button is displayed primarily where as the “settings” button is microscopic in size. Although there’s an option to switch between the two but Facebook didn’t give equal priority to both which may be the technique used to make users use the new feature.

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It is not shocking to notice Facebook’s approach towards the new feature since it might turn many users to stick with the messenger that will make them use the messenger for its other services. In this way, Facebook is paving the path to reach its ultimate goal.

Facebook claims that the new feature is fair, users would go to “settings” option for not using Messenger for SMS, and they will get a permissions request before the change takes place.

It also stated that “SMS in Messenger is an optional feature. People can choose whether or not they wish to use it. When they first see the prompt, they can opt to start seeing their SMS messages in Messenger by turning on the feature, or they can decide not to by tapping “Settings.” If they choose to see SMS messages in Messenger and also to reply to messages from Messenger, we’ll ask people to permit any new device permissions that are required. Messenger doesn’t modify any device settings without people’s consent.”

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But the primary concern many are pointing more is that Facebook doesn’t have a clearly visible “No” or “Skip” option that makes it clear this integration isn’t compulsory.

Cortana Enters on Android Phones Through Microsoft Band 2

Cortana is now available for the Android users with the help of the latest update released. Microsoft Band 2 now supports the Cortana for the Android Users with the help of their most recent update for the Microsoft Health Application. Initially, this voice assistant feature is available for only the Windows family users. The company has restricted and not released the Cortana feature for other platforms.

The Microsoft Health App is available on the Google Play store and with the recent update to this app had added the additional features.  As per the description mentioned in the Play store.

“Cortana is now available on the Android platform. With the Cortana on your band, you can access your assistant notifications of important events, notifications without reaching on your phone. Just speak to the mic on the band and the Cortana with taking the rest of actions.”


The application is available for the IOS users on the Apple App store. The users will need to install the Cortana on their Android smartphones to use this feature with the band. This Microsoft Health App is limited only to the US only.

Microsoft Health app works on the different platforms like Windows, Android and IOS platforms. To run the Microsoft Health app the devices has some specific requirements for the Windows, it requires 8.1 or later, for IOS it requires 8.0.2 or later and the Android will support if the device has Android 4.3 or later versions or later phones with the Bluetooth.

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Apart from this with the help of this band you can stay connected with email, text, calendar, call alerts, and social updates. This Microsoft Health App lets you map your run or ride with the help of GPS and follow the exercise prompts with the guided workouts right on your band.

This Microsoft Band 2 is priced with $249.99 when it was launched, and the current price of the band and retailing the US is at $174.99.

Facebook to Remove the Notify App from the App store and No Longer Supported

Notify is the notification application from the Facebook. This app was released in the month of November 2015 which is seven months ago. This application is available only for the IOS users at the App store. Facebook decided to shut down the service for the Notify app and removed this application from the App store.

Notifications are the primary sources for the people who want to know what they want. Facebook has introduced this application and made easy to get the notifications from the popular and top sites.  Each day more than 80 partners use this application for sending the top stories in the day.

The users who had already installed the Notify Application pushed with the notification saying “Thanks for using Notify. We’re Transitioning parts of Notify into other Facebook products, and the app will no longer be supported.”

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Facebook is integrating the Notify service in the other Facebook products like a messenger. Messenger has the large user data base, and this will bring the readers to the news sites than Notify ever did. Messenger is directed with the rumours that it is already experimenting with the chatbots and the new notification technology will influence that effort did by the Notify.

Since, after the launch of the Notify Application Facebook has learned many things how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible. Facebook collected the feedback from many people that Notify has helped them to get informed about the things they required throughout the entire day.

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With more than 900 Million users on the Facebook Messenger each month, this is going to be the best platform for the publishers to reach the people through the messenger. They can share and update the real-time things that are happening around quickly from their favourite sources.

Evoxyz EvoTag Bluetooth Tracking Device, A Little Thing That Make Big Help in Need

Do you forget the keys where you left and searched whenever you need? Then EvoTag will certainly help you in not getting late again. All you have to do is just put the EvoTag to your key chain and leave anywhere. To find your key chain again, use the EvoTag App. With one click on the keychain link, you can able to see, how far the key chain is located. You can also ring the EvoTag by clicking on the App. EvoTag starts beeping until you reach the item. This is awesome, and you can find your key chain very easily and in time. There will be no tension, and all the work can be done in time. In this way, you can use the EvoTag for the items you want to locate in the house or your bag. This EvoTag is developed by the Gurgaon company Evoxyz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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EvoTag can be utilized for various purposes like finding the keychain, securing your home, ensure your child to be in your range, control your phone, luggage bags, etc. EvoTag application is available at the Google Android Play Store for the Android users and on the Apple iOS Appstore for iOS users. iOS app will be in store very soon. EvoTag is the innovations for the daily life, and it helps you when you need it most.

How EvoTag helps you?

Place the EvoTag in the small things which you frequently forget to find. Use the EvoTag to ensure your child stays in the range of the parent. Have you ever worried about your kid moving away when you leave to the park, mall or any other play area? Now you can remove those concerns with the use of EvoTag. Use the EvoTag as the badge to your child; then you will get a notification on your smartphone very quickly. With the alert, you can get find your child soon and avoid facing any consequences.

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Are you worrying about the security at home? Or nervous about unwanted guests entering into your home. Just stick the EvoTag to your home door and EvoTag will act as a security guard. If there is any movement in the door, EvoTag will alert you soon. Just one EvoTag is enough, and you don’t need to use the wires and cables or any other expensive equipment is needed.

You can be very smart and do interesting things with the EvoTag while you are waiting near the conveyor belt for arriving of your luggage. Place the EvoTag in your bag and you will be notified when your luggage bag comes near to your range.

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You can buy the EvoTag, available on the online stores like Snapdeal and Amazon India with just Rs. 1,399.

Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung had launched the Samsung Pay mobile application. Samsung Pay app let the user store all his card details in the wallet very securely. It acts as a digital wallet. This Application allows the users to pay the bill without your card at the billing desk. At the end of 2015, Samsung has released Samsung Pay application, and this hasn’t created the huge impact since it is only available for the Samsung phone owners. Finally, Samsung has decided to release the Samsung Pay Mini Application, which is provided on the third party Android and IOS devices.

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Soon the Samsung Pay Mini is provided for the Android smartphones and Samsung phones along with the IOS devices. Samsung wants to increase the user base in using the Samsung Pay Mini app, so Samsung is planning to release for Android and IOS devices.

How to use the Samsung Pay Mini?

Open the Samsung Pay Mini Application authorise with your fingerprint or with the secure pin. To make the payment just place the device close to the swiping machine where you make the payment. Tap your card when you place the device near the terminal. You are done with the payment. NFC technology is used as the connection between the device and the terminal.

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Currently, the Samsung Pay is available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note5. Only a few cards are compatible with the Samsung pay.

The Samsung Pay Mini Application will work on the Android devices that run Android Marshmallow (v6.0) and the Apple devices running with the IOS8 is compatible to run this application. Samsung might release the app in the month of June, and it is also planning for the application to release the payment version of the application for Windows and OS X platforms.

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