Facebook had already proved its dominance in social media many times. The social network giant had made an aggressive move by adding SMS feature to its messenger application. It may or may not increase the number of users using the messenger but a blow to the Network providers.

Some are saying that the Facebook’s SMS prompt might be breaching the policies of Google Play.

The deceptive device settings coming with a quick offering to choose between the SMS and Messenger offers both Ok and settings button. But the violation is that the Ok button is displayed primarily where as the “settings” button is microscopic in size. Although there’s an option to switch between the two but Facebook didn’t give equal priority to both which may be the technique used to make users use the new feature.

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It is not shocking to notice Facebook’s approach towards the new feature since it might turn many users to stick with the messenger that will make them use the messenger for its other services. In this way, Facebook is paving the path to reach its ultimate goal.

Facebook claims that the new feature is fair, users would go to “settings” option for not using Messenger for SMS, and they will get a permissions request before the change takes place.

It also stated that “SMS in Messenger is an optional feature. People can choose whether or not they wish to use it. When they first see the prompt, they can opt to start seeing their SMS messages in Messenger by turning on the feature, or they can decide not to by tapping “Settings.” If they choose to see SMS messages in Messenger and also to reply to messages from Messenger, we’ll ask people to permit any new device permissions that are required. Messenger doesn’t modify any device settings without people’s consent.”

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But the primary concern many are pointing more is that Facebook doesn’t have a clearly visible “No” or “Skip” option that makes it clear this integration isn’t compulsory.


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