Facebook, popular social networking platform announced a revamp to its messenger application that too in a massive manner. The Messenger inbox would undergo a complete redesign and also get a lot of new features.

The current messenger provides recent messages, contacts and active users. The newer version of messenger would take you to a new Home page, and the entire space is grouped into three different modules.

The most recent messages would be still appearing at the top of the messenger screen. Next comes the first module that is “Favourites” which is just below the recent messages and it highlights the people with whom you would message frequently.

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The second one is an “Active Now” module, which lets you notice which contacts are presently active or online. It is followed up by a “Birthdays” module that reminds you about the birthdays of your friends.

Facebook said the complete redesign of the inbox would make messenger very simple to use, and will be providing the user with more relevant information.

Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messaging at Facebook stated that “The way messages appear in your messaging applications hasn’t changed since the beginning of the smartphone era. It’s the old long list of all the messages in chronological order.”

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“Now what we are doing is introducing a few modules, and those modules are groupings of different words or different people together.”

He added that “We will add more of those modules over time, and your inbox is going to start looking different because we think it’s time we began to innovate in how it looks and how it feels.”

Talking about the concerns that the inbox may look overly cluttered, He answered that the new messages would still be prioritised.

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He also said that “The most important thing is to make sure that the messages that are unread are at the very top, and they’re always there, so every time the message arrives it goes to the top, and it stays there.”

The Social networking giant will be rolling out its new Messenger globally with the new design and more features in the coming days.


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