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Nintendo Fire Emblem Heroes to Launch First on Android

After successfully launching the Super Mario Run on iOS, Nintendo announced other smartphone game title Fire Emblem Heroes. This is the latest series of long-running tactical which was officially announced by the gaming giant.

The company announced the title in the month of April alongside new entry Animal Crossing series. However, upon releasing the Super Mario Run, both ultimately pushed back due to its enormous response. Nintendo scheduled to release the Fire Emblem Heroes game on 2nd February 2017.

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Interestingly, unlike Mario game which first released for iOS devices, the company announced to release Fire Emblem Heroes first for Android devices. According to the reports, the game release in Google Play on 2nd February and it will free to download with optional in-app purchases. Nintendo slated the game arrive first on Android and the iOS availability later.

Fire Emblem Heroes game is about two kingdoms who are in a bitter clash. It is a tactical strategy game in which players can select famous heroes in the Fire Emblem universe. And have to help them to fight against their enemies.

While playing the game, players won’t have any issues of getting hang as the Fire Emblem Heroes Streamlined for on-the-go play. All the summoned heroes can level up to gain skills, better stats and weapons. Nintendo also claims that sometimes, the hero characters become allies and while other become enemy generals.

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The Fire Emblem Heroes game features multiple maps populated by the enemies and must defeat them to complete the stage. Apart from this, players can engage in other modes to level up the heroes or to compete against enemies.

However, Nintendo didn’t make any announcement about the price of game. The title also arrives ahead of new 3DS and Switch entries for the series. Hence officials expected the sales of the game would reach high as of the Pokemon Go which made a tremendous success.

BSNL Announces Mobile TV Service “Ditto TV” for Its Customers

To give tough competition to the other telecom operators in the country, stated-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched two services namely Mobil TV service Ditto TV and Limited fixed-mobile telephony (FMT) app that virtually turns mobiles into a cordless phone in sync with landlines within home premises.

BSNL said that the latest limited Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service is different from the contentious Fixed Mobile Telephony service which has announced earlier, but remains closed following an intense opposition from cellular operators.

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BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava told, “The previous Service Tolerable customers on roaming in India and overseas to connect their landlines through mobile and make calls through. But this service is restricted within the home premises.”

“I didn’t anticipate any objection to this limited service. To get this service, users must have BSNL’s landline, mobile and broadband connection,” he added.

Shrivastava said, “Landline subscribers find it difficult to get the contact details from mobiles and then dial the number on fixed line. This service will turn the mobile handset into a cordless device within the home premises. By this, consumers can still get the attractive landline tariffs of BSNL like free calls on Sundays and night time calling.”

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“For smartphone users, they need to download the app and connect with BSNL Wi-Fi modem. The user can receive and also be able to make outgoing calls on smartphone handsets. This service is not linked with mobile service operator or SIM in the mobile,” BSNL mentioned in a statement.

For BSNL Ditto TV service, BSNL customers need to download the Ditto TV app from the Play store and install it. Later you can register for Ditto TV and use the service which is available on subscription charge at Rs 20 per month and is also pushed with Data Special Tariff Voucher for recharge of Rs 223.

Moreover, through Ditto TV, subscribers can view more than 80 live TV channels including HD channels also. Ditto Mobile TV service has multiscreen options as it can be considered on both iOS and android devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops or TV.

Facebook to Launch Slideshow Movie Maker Feature on Android

Facebook is constantly updating and working towards getting its users with the best apps by adding the new features. The social media giant introduced new Slideshow Movie Maker Feature for iOS devices in the month of June this year.

According to the reports, the company is also planning to implement the Slideshow Movie Maker Feature to the Android users as well. It allows the users to post the slideshow of multiple photos along with music on their timeline.

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The company introduced the Slideshow Movie Maker Feature in its ‘Moments app’. The feature later raided into company’s iOS app. However, the users could not find any option inside the app to discover and to create slideshow due to error.

From now onwards, users no need to scroll through News Feed or wait until the Facebook generates a slideshow for them. Instead of waiting for that, users can create their own slideshow through the new Slideshow Movie Maker Feature.

Users have to choose from the multiple of options like photos, videos, Check In, Go Live and much more to create a slideshow for themselves. With the arrival of Slideshow Movie Maker Feature beta app for the Android users which helps to build own slideshow.

To make a slideshow you have to need at least three photos on your phone and you can preferably choose one of the music themes. Furthermore, you can tag your friends in the Facebook within the slideshow.

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After you were done with selecting photos and music click on the ‘Next’ at the top right corner. Moreover, users can view their slideshow in HD also. This is a part of Facebook newly unveiled HD video uploading feature.

There will be a toggle to switch to the HD option. The Slideshow Movie Maker Feature is still in testing process and will roll out globally soon.

Pokemon Go released in India: Steps to download Pokemon Go App on iOS and Android devices

download Pokemon Go app

Pokemon Go has finally made available officially in India. This game is now available on Android and iOS platforms. Now you can download this much-awaited game officially in India for the respective platforms.

As you all knew the success of the Pokemon Go across the world. Earlier this game hasn’t released for every region. Niantic has released the game gradually to several regions. The Pokemon Company, has partnered with Reliance Jio to bring the game to the country. The Augmented Reality game has now officially hit the Google Play store and Apple’s App store in India.

The users can directly download the game by visiting the respective stores. The users who are not aware of downloading the game, we are providing the process how to download the Pokemon Go on Android and iOS. By following these methods, you can download the game on your smartphones or tablets.Players will get an exclusive Pokemon Go channel on Reliance Jio’s messaging app, JioChat

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If you are facing the issues with downloading the Pokemon Go, then you download the APK, offline installation file for the Android devices. Earlier in India, the users have followed this method for installing the game. Of course, this method is not preferable and not encouraged. But if you are eager to play to the game you can download the APK file from the online and proceed to the installation.

How to download Pokemon Go on Android devices:

• Visit Google Play
• Search for Pokemon Go in the store
• Hit Install
• The app will be installed on your Android device.
• That’s it. Start Playing Pokemon Go once you’ve  downloaded.


  • Make sure you have the android device with version Android 4.4 to 6.0
  • Minimum 2GB RAM required for effective play.
  • The devices without GPS, compatibility, is not guaranteed

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How to download Pokemon Go on iOS devices:

• Visit the Apple App store
• Search for Pokémon GO (Developer Niantic, Inc.)
• Click on Get for Installation.
• Wait for the download and install the game.
• Once installation completed you are done.
• Start Playing Pokemon Go on you iPhone or iPad.


  • Minimum requirement to install the game iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Pokemon Go is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to download Pokemon Go apk and Install on Android:

• Download the Pokemon Go APK on your Android device.
• Go to Settings
• Visit Security and Privacy
• Go to Unknown sources.
• Click on Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources.
• Now install the downloaded Pokemon Go application.

Users can follow the above-detailed process for installing the game either from online or offline. If you still have more queries regarding how to install the Pokemon Go, how to play Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Tips and tricks, just shoot your questions in the comment box. We are here to provide the solutions for your queries. Keep playing Pokemon Go.

Instagram New Update with Liking and Disabling Comments: Rolling Out Soon for Android and iOS

Instagram will soon get with the strong update that will be similar to Facebook. Nowadays Instagram is getting popular almost like the Facebook. In coming update, Instagram will allow the users to Like and Comment on the user posts. This feature will soon roll out for Instagram application for Android and iOS devices.

With this update, you can able to like and comment on the user phone and even you can comment on your friend’s photo or someone else. There will heart Symbol beside each comment; you can just make the simple tap on it for submitting your like.

Apart from this feature, there is another update to arrive in the Instagram. The user can turn off the commenting for the specific posts you require. You can make this by tapping the “Advanced Settings” and Tap “Turn Off Commenting” to apply settings right there before posting the post.  Just with the simple swipe, you can turn on the commenting for your post again.

Another feature added in this update is related to the Privacy. Most of the users over Instagram prefers to keep their accounts private. It does not mean that if the new user has to follow your posts you have to approve manually. If you want to remove particular user from your list, the only way we have is to block the person from the list. Now to overcome this, the Instagram is providing user to remove the person by heading to the follower’s list and tap on the respective user to unfollow.  The user who are unfollowing will not be notified when you remove the user from the list.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

These updates will be rolling out to all the users; the update may not be available for everyone at the same time. We will be updating the latest release of this new update on Instagram.

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