After successfully launching the Super Mario Run on iOS, Nintendo announced other smartphone game title Fire Emblem Heroes. This is the latest series of long-running tactical which was officially announced by the gaming giant.

The company announced the title in the month of April alongside new entry Animal Crossing series. However, upon releasing the Super Mario Run, both ultimately pushed back due to its enormous response. Nintendo scheduled to release the Fire Emblem Heroes game on 2nd February 2017.

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Interestingly, unlike Mario game which first released for iOS devices, the company announced to release Fire Emblem Heroes first for Android devices. According to the reports, the game release in Google Play on 2nd February and it will free to download with optional in-app purchases. Nintendo slated the game arrive first on Android and the iOS availability later.

Fire Emblem Heroes game is about two kingdoms who are in a bitter clash. It is a tactical strategy game in which players can select famous heroes in the Fire Emblem universe. And have to help them to fight against their enemies.

While playing the game, players won’t have any issues of getting hang as the Fire Emblem Heroes Streamlined for on-the-go play. All the summoned heroes can level up to gain skills, better stats and weapons. Nintendo also claims that sometimes, the hero characters become allies and while other become enemy generals.

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The Fire Emblem Heroes game features multiple maps populated by the enemies and must defeat them to complete the stage. Apart from this, players can engage in other modes to level up the heroes or to compete against enemies.

However, Nintendo didn’t make any announcement about the price of game. The title also arrives ahead of new 3DS and Switch entries for the series. Hence officials expected the sales of the game would reach high as of the Pokemon Go which made a tremendous success.


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