Pokemon Go Recruitment: Trends got changed, Here is a Job for Jobless; Eligibility Criteria is you should be “The Pokemon Catcher” or “The Pokemon Hunter”

Pokemon Go Recruitment: The most successful augmented reality mobile game “Pokemon Go” offers you a job. It is not a Hoax or so called prank.  It’s true, a Bangalore-based company, recently looking for professionals to work for their business. Being a Pokemon Go Hunter, you are eligible for getting the job.

Recently, a Bengaluru-based Babajob advertised a new Job category “The Pokemon Catcher.” Pokemon Go Recruitment Eligibility criteria.

  • Job Category: The Pokemon Catcher
  • Job Description: a vast knowledge of the Pokemon database and Physical fitness. It is a must as the role involves running around the town to catch them all
  • Job Analysis: candidate must be very skilled at training Pokemon and exposure to gym battles.

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for both iOS and Android, which is released on July 6, 2016. The game Pokemon Go played by using GPS and camera of only compatible devices. The player needs to capture, battle and train virtual creatures called Pokemon.

A big fan of the game, Sean Blagsvedt, Founder and CEO, Babajob.com and Level 2 Pokémon Handler said, “Just as companies like Flipkart, Amazon, OLA and UBER transformed and greatly expanded the delivery and driver job categories, we see Pokémon Go doing the same for Catchers.”

“Babajob will be the premier portal for players everyone to hire screened, verified Pokémon Catchers. It’s a fantastic time,” he said. Now, the Pokemon Go mobile game fans can be an official Pokemon Catcher. Where the job portal has 7 million seekers and around 4, 00,000 employees.

Pokemon Go, the location-based augmented reality mobile game which uses GPS and camera was released with mixed reviews. The AR game downloaded by more than 40 million people in worldwide and Nintendo stock value a bit higher than normal.


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