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The popular and fastest growing social media video streaming App, Bigo Live has proudly announced that it now lends support for broadcasting games directly into the Bigo Live app from your personal Computer.

A new connector option now allows Bigo Live capture your game playing while you stream it directly to the Bigo Live community. Gaming lovers are eagerly waiting for an efficient game streaming feature and finally Bigo Live is the best pick for you.

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Video game streaming is a global sensation that has connected cultures and distance barriers to getting people close together. Many gamers are showcasing their games in various ways whether it would be incredible skills, a rare achievement or just a casual experience shared among friends and those who enjoy the same interest.

However, Bigo Live now allows streamers and broadcasters provide a platform to showcase their games or content to the Bigo Live audience. This mutually useful experience wherein viewers can enjoy determining new games or new possible ways to play their games and streamers can now find friends who share the same desire for games.

Bigo Live apprehends the possibility of its platform being a stand for promising gamers with brilliant skills and it wants to increase that possibility further with this new feature.

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Moreover, due to a huge public demand and the increasing trend in live-streaming games, many Bigo Live users have used this new feature to share their video gaming session to the audience. Most users without knowing anything just plug their smartphones to computer screens which are not the best way.

Apart from this Bigo Live, there are many keen game-streaming services outside, but the main problem is initiating them is very difficult and requires a lot of work. With the new Bigo Live connector for PC, launching up your game session for streaming on Bigo Live is just a few hits away.

Enjoy gaming experience, learn about new games and share your gameplay with new Bigo Live.

To start taking your PC screen, just go to Bigo Live official website and download the Bigo Live connector. You just install it on your PC and scan the QR code with your smartphone via the Bigo Live App.

How Bigo Live Connector Works

Download Bigo Live here

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