Google is known for its unique experiments with web technology. The company has featured thousands of creative web applications by using its web technology.  Today a lot of Google products use Machine Learning to serve its users for a better experience.

A Google AI experiment is a showcase for just simple experiments that lets anyone can play with this technology through drawings, pictures, etc.

If you want to know how neutral networks add details to your photos, translating languages and how they function??? Sure Google will help you in this. It has come up with the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) site which has a bunch of demonstrations of machine learning and AI.

Google Introduced the Photo Scan App, Turn your Old Photos into Digital Images

You can explore Machine Learning by playing with language, pictures, code, music and much more. The idea of Artificial Intelligence is just simply cool where you have to download codes to see how it works. Currently, there are eight features of Google AI, they are:

  • Giorgio Cam
  • Quick, Draw
  • Infinite Drum Machine
  • Bird Sounds
  • Thing Translator
  • A.I Duet
  • Visualizing High-Dimensional Space
  • Neutral Networks

Giorgio Cam: This is an experiment which lets you make music with the computer by just taking a picture. Giorgio Cam uses image recognition to label what it sees, and it turns those labels into lyrics of the song.

Quick, Draw: It is just built with machine learning. If you a draw some picture, the neutral network tries to guess what you are drawing. It’s just like a simple game and how you can use machine learning in a funny way.

Infinite Drum Machine: You can organize thousands of everyday sounds and also even make beats using drum sequencer.

Thing Translator: In this feature, you can take a picture of something, and you can also hear how to say it different languages.

Birds Sound: This experiment lets you organize thousands of bird sounds. In this, similar sounds are placed close together.

A.I Duet: This is an experiment which lets you make music through Machine Learning.

Visualizing High-Dimensional Space: It helps use to visualize what’s happening in the machine learning and also allow coders to use and explore their high-dimensional data.

Neutral Networks: In this experiment, you can turn on your camera to explore how each layer of the neutral works.

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