The shape of global economy varies with the issues or disruptions that the world is facing. It’s primarily affected by many factors and according to them. The decisions took by the CEO’s of leading companies also had a significant impact on the economy.

With the beginning of automobile revolution, Uber had taken one side of it and the other side occupied by the self-driving cars.

A self-driving car is one of such excellent and incredible idea that shows how the future technology is going to be and represents the calibre of engineers.

Recently a person was killed in a Tesla driving on autopilot had made cautionary note that technological advancements aren’t an exception to such incidents.

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An article about this incident published in a popular magazine has brought out the differences between two famous personalities, one is Business Tycoon Warren Buffet and the second one is Tesla’s founder Elon Musk.

The Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who is well known for the luxurious and gorgeous car brand, was equally famous for his tech arrogance.

Last week an article on Musk accusing him of withholding the material information on the autopilot death incident to his shareholders.

Although we didn’t have the exact information about what’s the real truth is but Musk is claiming that the article published was a sponsored one, and he’s indirectly hinting that Warren Buffet is behind the magazine which has published it.

Sources say that the author of the anti-musk article was Buffett Whisperer, and this added weight to the issue.

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You might have a question on how the old business person is involved in this subject. I had an answer for that Buffett and Musk are the nearest rivals in the automobile industry.

Buffet represents the old business model, while Musk deals with the disruptive new ideas. Both are successful in their way.

Buffett owned Phoenix-based Van Tuyl Group in 2014 which is said to be the fifth-largest American auto dealer which has revenue of $8 billion per year.

The dealer middleman is a significant piece of the business model Tesla is seeking to undermine. In Nevada.


The 85-year-old man owns NV Energy, the state’s old-line utility, which indulged in a battle with Musk’s Solar City. Musk, is now trying to merge NV Energies with Tesla.

The complications between these high profile persons are creating a lot of buzz in the automobile industry.

The curious irony is some tech heads are dictating what should be written on someone whom they have a rivalry with and this authority over the journalists is not appreciable.