putlocker blocked in UK

Following a High Court ruling Internet service Providers like Virgin Media, Sky had blocked some of the well known streaming sites in the UK. The blocked streaming sites include Putlocker, UK’s favourite TV shows and film streaming site.

Putlocker is a free online service which is known for streaming and downloading of TV shows like Game of Thrones and other movies.

According to the reports a trade body named Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), which represents the Hollywood studios lodged a complaint saying that these sites had breached their copyrights by showing their content for free & without proper Intimation. The blocked list of websites includes a series of streaming sites and torrenting internet sites.

Virgin Media, one of the UK’s popular ISP, listed all the sites they are blocking and they have quoted that “Virgin Media prides itself on being a responsible ISP and will block websites when ordered to do so by the courts.”

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One of the MPA spokesperson stated that “Court rules are used to target illegal websites whose sole purpose is to make money off the back of other’s people content while paying nothing back to the legitimate economy.”

He continued that “The internet must be a place for investment, innovation and creativity. We want the Internet that works for everyone, where the creative property of artists and creators is protected along with the privacy and security of all users.”

He concluded that “The MPA will continue to use this proportionate measure to tackle sites overwhelmingly dedicated to facilitating and promoting online copyright infringement.”

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Although blocking of such Websites which violated Copyright rules is acceptable. Many of the Putlocker Fans had expressed their anguish, pain and feelings on the social media platform Twitter for restricting the access to their favourite web-service.



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