Researchers at Suzumori Endo Robotics Laboratory, Tokyo have developed artificial multifunctional muscles that replace the traditional robots. Researchers have attached these artificial multifunctional muscles with a human skeleton for smooth functioning of the muscles. The team of Tokyo institute of Technology has taken the first step towards the human-like robots.

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The microfilament muscle “tissues” connected to the joints can expand and contract just like the real ones. And according to the tests, the robot has the same number of muscle filaments in its legs as human body. Though the artificial muscles are not strong, the attached soft pneumatic filaments help smoother movements. The skeleton is not yet able to handle its own weight, it needs assistance to walk. As of now, researchers are successful with the movement of the limbs, but the movement is too slow.

And very interestingly, with the help of the muscle fibers the skeleton robot is able to move its jaws. Taking a bite of something like Mac n’ Cheetos and kicking a basketball, the skeleton robot says-“I am trying something new every day.” These two activities show that the robot is managing to do normal human activities. So, hope researchers continue to work on the movements of the Skeleton robot to improve its human-like skills.