India and Pakistan relations are now in a phase of high tensions and isolations. India successfully isolated Pakistan from the International community. Recently, Beijing official news paper has stated the same thing. After the BRICS summit, Pakistan is facing a complete isolation not only in the continent but globally. Hence, the Pakistan government in frustration has taken the decision to ban Indian content of entertainment.

India Using Advanced Technologies to Close the Border Between India and Pakistan 

Spokesman for the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Mr. Muhammad Tahir stated that the Indian content of entertainment which includes cinema and serials aired through cable operators are banned in the country from Friday, the 21st October, 2016. The ban will be imposed from 3.00 PM onwards. The period of ban is indefinite.

The ban will restrict the Television cable operators and Radio in Pakistan from airing any sought of Indian content. However some of the International channels like Star Sports which covers only sports could not be banned completely. Hence, they have been restricted to air only 80 minutes per day related to India.

Chairman of the Cable Operators Association of Pakistan, Khalid Arain has commented that the ban imposed is not fair and has an adverse affect on the profitability of their business. He also further questioned about the control on DTH connections. There is no control over them as they are directly connected with Satellite. Many Pakistan homes have the Indian DTH connections.

Indian Hackers Massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government Network

The relations between India and Pakistan have worsened in the past few months. There is a diplomatic was at International level that is escalating day by day.

Therefore both the countries have been serious in their own way of tackling each other. Both India and Pakistan are very close regarding the tradition and cultures of Muslims. The breakdown of the tie-ups will have certainly a big impact on the people of Pakistan when compared to the Indians.


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