Now it‘s no more annoying to send and receive messages in a crowded concert due to a poor network. American Telephone & Telegraph has begun using little flying machines to deliver a better quality of the network. AT&T demonstrated the usage of drones to inspect cell towers from the air in Shape Tech Expo in San Francisco. The company is also focusing on future applications that could improve LTE coverage for crowded areas or disaster management.

  AT&T is also working with Intel to take the project to next level and improve the quality of LTE Wireless coverage. Presently, AT&T is using portable mobile sites in trucks equipped with antenna towers. These flying COW’s (Cells on Wings) can provide coverage in designated area where a vehicle cannot be driven. The process is much safer and quicker than a human accessing the parts of a cell tower.

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 It is reported that the technology developer has examined on drones what progression does might take place in a network.  “We anticipate this will allow us to improve our customers’ experience by enhancing our cell sites faster than ever before” Said John Donovan, the company’s chief strategy officer.  “The company’s current tests are expected to lay the foundation for new, exciting drone applications” he added. Google, Facebook and Amazon had already stated its experimental efforts to serve in isolated areas.

Art Pregler, drone program director for AT&T, said “This is exciting; we’re in the infancy of drone use in the commercial sector. The sky’s the limit.”

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Interest in business purposes is also exploring on the other way. AT&T is probing the use of drones for its business customers in developing the internet of things (IoT). An analysis is stating that usage of drones may hike data rates someday. The Federal Aviation Administration regulated the usage of drones with some circumspections.


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