Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool and Self-harm Prevention Tool. This tool is specially designed to reach out the users who are at the risk of self-harm.

At present situation, 60% of people are leading their life with depression. In that main victims are teenagers and young adults. They are facing many harassments, bullying, pressures in their daily life.

Finally, this stages leads to suicide. They involve in the self-harm. Mainly they are facing troubles from social networking sites.

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Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites. This site is mainly used for post photos and videos, share multiple photos and videos, send private messages, videos and directly to your Instagram friends. You can follow your friends to get updates. In some cases some posts will make us feel worried, at that time you can use this tool.

Let’s see how it works!!! When you are scrolling out the Instagram feeds, if any post worries you, then you have the option to report it. After reporting, the person who shared the post will receive the message that “someone saw your messages and thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you need any support, we’d like to help.

Then that person can have the option to see support resources or skip it. In case they select support resources they get options of talking to a friend, contact helpline or tips, and support. If anyone selected with the hashtag of self-injury, then they will also get same options.

Now, order food through Facebook directly. Also you can book tickets for movies as well as events

Instagram chief operating officer, marine Levine said: “Instagram understands the people and offers them support.” This tool is mainly designed to know the people who are in trouble.

The photo sharing app is working with mental health experts and groups which have experienced eating disorders or self-harm issues to offer help more efficiently. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram which comes with suicide prevention tool earlier.

They make a team to review reports to determine severe cases and false ones. We are not still sure if this option is coming to both ios and android. Soon Instagram will release more information about this tool.


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