At some particular stage of lives, most of the people have a fantasy to fly in the air, and a dream to travel around the world. Undoubtedly none of us has done this at least below 18 years. Lachlan Smart,a teen aviator who had successfully stretched his first step towards his dream path of traveling around the world alone.

From the east coast of Australia, Smart has started his journey in June 2016 in a single engine aircraft. Lachlan has raised and educated on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. The ambitious boy has planned a ten-week voyage, which almost cover about 24,000 nautical miles including 24 stops in 20 countries on five continents.

Before 18 years he set a record of 45,000 Kilometers on a weekend trip. After a massive journey of traveling 54 days around the world alone in Cirrus SR22, Smart has touched his motherland, Queensland airport on Saturday.

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American, Matt Guthmiller, is the previous guy who had traveled around the world at the age of 19. Now, Smart, 18 years, 7moths, 21 days has broken the record of Matt. The teenagers today are highly ambitious and disparate towards their goals which make them and their parents proud.

Travelling alone has many disadvantages, even though he took it up as a challenge and started his journey. Smart has faced few obstacles in the trip over the seas and air traffic controllers and dangerous weather conditions, particularly in the Pacific ocean where there were heavy storms.

On being asked about his world record, Smart stated “I think like teenagers, we have tendency to feel that we know everything and don’t need the opinions of other people……. But we do” “I’ve got a lot of adrenaline running through my system and very excited to have touched down where it all began eight weeks ago and finally concluded this trip.”

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“In the Pacific I had some pretty horrendous weather,” “To try and make my way around and over Saudi Arabia, I had five-and-a-half hours of pretty bad turbulence as well as air traffic control problems in India and Malaysia, so there were lots of areas that I had issues, but it was nothing I couldn’t overcome.”

The teenager also stated “I was joined in the sky by a little bit by my old chief flying instructor who taught me how to fly and started my aviation career off all toughest, so it was very special to come back with him,” he said.

“It’s very special, and a lot of hard work has gone into getting to this stage.” The champ also has a note to the teenagers who are afraid to take significant challenges “Don’t be scared to dream big and when you have a goal go for it,” he said.