You may be in pleasant surprise the next time you visit the HDFC Bank over the next few weeks. India’s second largest bank HDFC has decided to launch the humanoids that may soon greet the visitors to the bank branches.

HDFC Bank is all set to deploy its first product of ‘Project AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots’. As per the reports, HDFC plans to implement its first robot will roll out in one of its branches in Mumbai, where dealing with senior citizens is less.

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This project is inspired by the same initiatives taken by Bank of Tokyo in Mitsubishi and Mizuho Bank. Last year, Bank of Tokyo had launched humanoid named ‘Nao’ (1.11 feet) and Mizuho Bank’s ‘Pepper’ (121 cms tall), a robot present to help the customers.

The primary functions of the robot that is going to deploy in HDFC Bank will be a limited roll instead of other robots like Pepper and Nao. It has better features where it can analyze customer behaviour and provide the services accordingly and will mostly act as a receptionist.

The robot will greet a person entering the bank which options such as deposit or cash withdrawal, Demat services, and fixed deposits which will display on its screen. Once the customer selects the required option, a layout of the branch will appear on the screen with ‘Take me there’ option.

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The bank is currently looking into banking newer technologies like facial recognition and voice recognition to improve the security of the robots and consumers. The name of the robot is not being finalized yet, based on the experience, the project may be scaled up to remaining branches. If this project is successful, we may see other banks with humanoids facility in future. As per the reports of Citi Bank, around 30% of all bank jobs would be terminated due to increased automation in various banking services.


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