Tired of driving in the car, Czech Republic’s Frantisek Hadrava has built a plane to cut short the journey to his workplace by 7 minutes. Instead of sticking to the road for long hours Harvard built an airplane on his own, and when weather permits, he wears a leather cap and flys to his work.

Hadrava, who works at a local factory in a small town in the Czech Republic, said that earlier he used to travel by car which took about 12-14 minutes to reach his factory. He felt that he could save a lot of time if he flew to his work.

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Hadrava works the early morning shift, so he doesn’t want to disturb people around and reaches the work within 5-7 minutes, if not he would take just 4 minutes to reach. He lands near the fields around his factory and drags the plane to the parking place in the factory.

“By plane, it would take around four to five minutes if I flew directly, but I take a bit of a detour so that I don’t disturb people early in the morning. So it takes about seven minutes,” Hadrava said.

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He took two years to build the plane which costs around $4,000. his silver airplane looks cute with a single seat and open cockpit. The single propeller aircraft is modeled after American planes called Mini-MAX.

Hadrava has also built a replica of the German World War One triplane Fokker and is planning to construct another historical plane, the French Deperdussin.


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