Google is planning to mark all the regular HTTP connections as insecure and will trigger a warning.If all goes well, this would be started from January 2017. Users who open such sites in Google’s browser will experience a new security level.

However, there are some exceptions for displaying the insecurity warnings. Firstly, HTTP security will only be checked for the sites that are involved in credit Debit card transactions and Passwords and opened in Incognito mode.

Later, the security warning will be implemented to all the sites that will be opened in any mode of the Google’s web browser. Google Chrome web address bar will indicate the security warning in “Red Triangle”. Till date, the symbol was used for broken HTTPS connections by Chrome.

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HTTPS are known as secured connections. Mozilla Firefox web browser has already implemented this security warning long back. Google is releasing its new browser version in January 2017. The security level will be implemented in that browser. The new version is termed as Chrome 56.

A member of the Chrome Security Team, Mr.Emily Schechter has posted the details on his blog on Thursday regarding this.

Normal HTTP connections always provide a chance to make the information hack. The HTTPS has the extra security level from normal hacking techniques. With the introduction of this in Google Chrome 56, the users have the additional level of data security while browsing.

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Another advantage of HTTPS connections when compared to standard HTTP connection sites is that they are faster in loading a website page. Google is making use of this HTTPS, will rank the page and make it useful for its search engine results.

The online advertising industry has also opted for the HTTPS connections for posting their ads on the web. “Let’s Encrypt” certificate authority is offering ‘Transport Layer Security certificate’ at free of cost.