Google is specialized in Search, internet-related services and products. Google Search provides users to access information online. Google Now, which provides information is launching Shop the Look feature lets the individual search and shop by outfit.

Though Google is the pioneer in Search engine operations, it has got its limitations these days. The social apps like Snap Chat and Instagram has confined the search operations to an extent. In fact, major content lies in the social messaging apps now a days.

To break this ice, Google has started introduced the “Shop the Look” feature so that at least a piece of the missing content could be indexed in the search. This is more relevant to the fashion designing world. The images of the clothing and designs will be the base of search. The new feature will enable the fashion bloggers to make their content available on Google Search engine on one hand and on the other it facilitates the customer to directly purchase the product through provided link.

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Google has already holding talks with the companies that are in fashion field. Agreements with two major companies have not yet been finalized in this regard. Once done, the revenue will be shared between Google, Product selling company and the content creator who placed the content in top.

This is mutually beneficiary feature for both Google and the platform user’s as their product will be visible to more number of people. At the same time, Google will be involved in the grabbing the traffic.

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There is one more aspect from Google’s point. It can integrate the new feature with “Shopping campaign ad product”. This will result in making the product appear in search results in the form of an ad which in turn profitable to the business retailer.


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