About 140 mourners are killed, and more than 500 are injured in an Airstrike at a funeral gathering in the Yemen’s capital Sanaa on Saturday. The Rebel Houthi-run government blames that Saudi-led coalition was responsible for this merciless massacre, where Saudi had totally denied.

This airstrike is at a crowded funeral gathering for the death of government interior minister’s father in Yemen. The building collapsed to the ground after jets strikes the hall two times- witness says. The death toll was expected to increase further, and civilian casualties in many a number overwhelmed the local hospitals- says Tamim al-Shami, Spokesperson for Health Ministry.

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“This was the deadliest attack after the bombing campaign launched against the Shiite Houthis in 2015. There are charred bodies, and some were cut to shreds and couldn’t be identified.” – Mr.Shami added.

“Many children were present among the innocent victims. Some of the dead brought out of the hall headless. The hall looks like a blood pool with flesh pieces of the dead. Some are unable to be identified. This is against humanity. ”- Muhammad al- Hadrami, a witness who lives near to the hall.

“There were two simultaneous strikes and the third strike to the hall is a minute later. People ran around with fear” Mr.Hadrami added.

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This conflict began when Sanaa was stormed by Rebels known as Houthis, and stood against the government forcing it into exile. Since then the north is controlled by Houthis forcing Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi to quit his rule in the south. This results in a military coalition by Saudi to restore its power bombing on Houthis.

Jamie McGoldrick, U.N Humanitarian Co-Ordinator in Yemen, said, “ The humanitarian community in the country is shocked and outraged by the horrific airstrikes. The international community must exert pressure and influence on all parties to the conflict to ensure civilians are protected. This violence against Yemen’s civilians must stop immediately. ”

Houthis Spokesperson, Mohammed  Abdul- Salam said “ The silence of the United Nations and the international community is the munitions of the murderers. Those murderers will not escape divine justice.”

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White House National Security Council spokesperson, Ned Price said “We are deeply disturbed by reports of today’s air strike on a funeral hall in Yemen, which if informed would continue the troubling series of attacks killing Yemeni civilians ”

Roughly more than 3,899 civilians killed since last year March due to Saudi-led Campaign according to the UN’s Human Rights Chief.