Google has recently started a new campaign called #prideforeveryone, which is meant for bringing Pride parades across the world to a VR headset at your place. Pride parades are the celebrating events of LGBT community, i.e., Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender culture and pride.

The main theme of this campaign is to make people feel their presence at the event without actually being there. Many people around the world can’t attend those events due to several reasons like lack of time, distant from the hosting place, fear of being differentiated by friends and family or due to anti-LGBTQ laws in their country.

According to Google, over 70 countries around the world, still outlaw were gay, so the participation of people is a tough task for them. This Project allows people to watch the parades relating to LGBT community happening in 25 countries around the world via YouTube 360 and Google Cardboard in Smartphones.

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Google is going to document these global Pride parades using 360° cameras by working with LGBTQ communities to invite those who cannot march in person to celebrate Pride in a new way by using Virtual reality. The tech company appointed their employees to 25 countries for capturing the festivals of their local LGBTQ communities using a 360-degree camera.

According to a Research in 2013 only half of the 1,197 adults LGBTQ individuals have attended to these types of events at least once

Arjan Dijk, Google’s VP of growth marketing stated  that what they were “aiming to do is bring [Pride’s] sense of excitement and this sense of community to people who normally would not be able to get to do that.”

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He also added that “after the tragedy in the city of Orlando, the message the company is trying to impart — that people should be proud of who they are and who they love — “is even more relevant.”

Google also says that “#prideforeveryone’s VR component has the potential for greater immersion than just broadcasting events and that feeling of participation is core to the Pride parade experience.”

#Prideforeveryone, a montage (technique of producing a) of pride from Belgium to Brazil, Sao Paolo to Sydney, you can be a part of these proud celebrations of diversity no matter where you are.Magic of technology has made it possible for us to not only be in two (or more) places at once, but to do so.