Each year Goodwood Festival of Speed is celebrated. For the year 2016, BMW has confirmed as the central feature marque. The symbol of the Festival of Speed for 200,000 fans has unveiled at the show by the BMW.

Every year since 1997, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is organised, and the sculpture is displayed by one of the motor company in this event. The sculpture resembles the companies grace and the milestones reached by the firm. In this year anniversary the honoured carmaker, BMW has hosted the sculpture for reaching 100 years in their business.

BWM sculpture is unveiled, and this sculpture contains the finest and classics that had showed off in which three of them were attached at the end of three curves in the structure. BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster, Brabham-BMW BT52 & BMW V12 LMR. These are the three cars that are included in the structure.

GoodWood Festival of Speed 2016 : Visual Feast for Automobile Fans

The BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster is the car balanced close to the roof at Goodwood House, and it is the one which is upright. And the other cars are upside down for the great effect. The other two cars have the specific theme; one of the car BMW V12 LMR is the winner of Le Mans in 1999, and the Formula 1 car is the 1983 Brabham-BMW BT52 these are designed by Gordon Murray.

“Every year I like to think of something that is very different to anything we’ve done before,” says Judah. Gerry Judah, the British designer who had planned all the central feature installations at the Goodwood Festival. He is the main persona and collaborated with BMW on this design of the centenary-celebrating structure.

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Have a look over the time lapse of the sculpture construction hosted by BMW at Goodwood.

Check out the previous year’s sculptures of Goodwood festival.

2015 Mazda

In the year 2015, Mazda hosted the sculpture in the festival of speed Goodwood: Mazda 787B and Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo.

2014 Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes sculpture of 2014 arched all the way in the festival of speed at Goodwood House.

Mercedes-Benz W25 and Mercedes AMG W04 were show cased regarding the 120 years in the motorsport.

2013 Porche

Porche unveiled the sculpture regarding the 50th anniversary of the Porche 911. We can observe the Porsche 911, Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 and Porsche 911 991 these cars in the sculpture.

2012 Lotus

For the year 2012, Lotus hosted the sculpture at the Goodwood festival of speed. These cars are the attraction for the event

Lotus 49, Lotus 79, Lotus 99T and Lotus E20. These cars resembles the past present and future of the Lotus Cars Company.

2011 Jaguar Cars

Jaguar Cars hosted the sculpture with the Jaguar E-Type which makes the highlight in the entire event. Celebrations of the 50 years of Jaguar E-Type car is the primary theme of hosting the sculpture.


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