Google has updated its voice apps with new features. Google Voice now more stylish, included with many more features like group chat, photo sharing, voice mail transcriptions.

They have released these new versions on mobile and web. In this version Google voice has separate tabs for your text messages. Conversations stay in one thread, so you can easily see all messages from all contacts at one place. Much better messaging experience with the support of a group or photo MMS as well as in notification replies.

Google+ Update to Bring Back Events, Adds New Features, Zoom

Google is also making plans for voicemail transcription for Spanish and will improve accuracy over time. It also announced more features and updates will introduce in the voice apps on android, ios and web.

It has been recently rolled out on Android phones on the features of Sprint and Roger networks allowing customers to take advantage of next generations SMS technology. This advanced messaging technology will come with features like iMessage, like group chats where you can name the group, add or remove members, as well as things like reading receipts and typing indicators.

New Google Voice App is Coming up, Says Google

The Google Company notified that Hangouts integration with Google voice didn’t change in this relaunch. If you are using hangout as messaging app, you can continue. In new Google Voice app, these hangouts are the default setting. You also have the option to disconnect hangouts to keep out the apps separate.

They have released this update when the Google’s company messaging strategy in flux. At one hand it is trying to make default messenger app like iMessage-like support for RCS. It also maintains hangouts and it is launched with two new apps aimed at consumers messaging app  Allo and FaceTime rival Duo.


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