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Google Voice Updated with New features: Stylish look, Group Chat ,Photo Sharing and More

google voice pic

Google has updated its voice apps with new features. Google Voice now more stylish, included with many more features like group chat, photo sharing, voice mail transcriptions.

They have released these new versions on mobile and web. In this version Google voice has separate tabs for your text messages. Conversations stay in one thread, so you can easily see all messages from all contacts at one place. Much better messaging experience with the support of a group or photo MMS as well as in notification replies.

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Google is also making plans for voicemail transcription for Spanish and will improve accuracy over time. It also announced more features and updates will introduce in the voice apps on android, ios and web.

It has been recently rolled out on Android phones on the features of Sprint and Roger networks allowing customers to take advantage of next generations SMS technology. This advanced messaging technology will come with features like iMessage, like group chats where you can name the group, add or remove members, as well as things like reading receipts and typing indicators.

New Google Voice App is Coming up, Says Google

The Google Company notified that Hangouts integration with Google voice didn’t change in this relaunch. If you are using hangout as messaging app, you can continue. In new Google Voice app, these hangouts are the default setting. You also have the option to disconnect hangouts to keep out the apps separate.

They have released this update when the Google’s company messaging strategy in flux. At one hand it is trying to make default messenger app like iMessage-like support for RCS. It also maintains hangouts and it is launched with two new apps aimed at consumers messaging app  Allo and FaceTime rival Duo.

Duo is Replacing Hangouts from its List of Preinstalled Apps

Google Duo

Are you confused about what’s replacing Hangouts? Well, it is Google Duo. Allo may be the future of Google Messaging efforts, but it is Duo which replaces Hangouts as one of the pre-installed apps on the future Android phones.

In an email sent out to Google Mobile Service Partners on 5th October, the company explained that Hangouts is moving to optional status in the Google Apps package for Android beginning from 1st December. As per the message details, Google is dropping out Hangouts, and that may bundle for upcoming mobiles.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

“Today, we are announcing that Google Duo will replace Hangouts within the suite of core GMS apps, and Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2016”.

It looks like Google is focusing towards other solutions. Allo and Hangouts are the core messaging apps while Duo used for video calling. It should be noted that Hangouts is not completely dead, but it is unbundled from mandatory Google apps package.

If you want to continue this application on your Android phone, you need to head to the PlayStore and download. Hangouts will be an optional pre-installed app. And this means users can ship it with their devices, but most probably, won’t.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

While the Duo application comes as a preinstalled app on every single Android device released after 1st December.

It is expected that at some point of time. Allo will also get similar treatment since the company faces stiff competition from the rival messaging apps like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp. Therefore, Allo not a part of pre-installed apps list.

Spaces: Google’s New Application for Group Sharing

google spaces

Google has unveiled a Group Sharing Application naming Spaces. The latest application is available for both Android and IOS users. It can be downloaded from the respective stores and also used in the browsers via extensions.

Although the firm’s Prior social networking platform Google+ was not up to the mark it doesn’t back away and comes up with the new thought. The first look of the ‘Spaces’ gives you the impression that it is an integration of Google+ Communities and Hangouts. It enables users or a small group of users to share by lessening the mechanism of switching between the Apps.

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Google space is very easy to use with clear options and can be started by a single tap. The major feature of this application  is very easy to find. The quick search option allows users to find articles, videos, images or even comments of their choice with a unique search option.

For Creating a new space Just log on to spaces.google.com in the browser or open up the Spaces app on your smartphone home screen would be displayed listing your current spaces (if any).To create a new space click on the add new one.

An Activity tab option notifies about the latest posts or comments by the members of the group. After creating the Spaces one can share, Post stuff. The app gives you a few post type options like copy and paste URLS. Currently, features like Google and YouTube searching are limited to mobile versions.


According to Google’s official Blog, Luke Wroblewski, product director stated that  “With Spaces, it’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images without leaving the app, since Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in.” said in a blog post.

“You can create a space with just one tap for any topic and invite anyone via messaging, email, a social network, or whatever the way you like, “he added

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Google would also be experimenting with Spaces at their event Google I/O. The company is planning to demonstrate the capabilities of their new application. They had created a space for each session so that developers can connect with each other and discuss the various topics at I/O event. The Search Engine Company also quoted that all the participants attending the I/O event should install ‘Spaces’ on Android or IOS devices.

Logi ZeroTouch Gives You the Best Features of a Connected Car


Logitech had unveiled its smartphone mount called Zerotouch which is accompanied by a mobile app. The latest product of the company enables to control your android mobile without touching it.

Using a smartphone while driving a car may endanger one’s life.Even though knowing this fact many of us would still 26% of people were doing the same. The new generation cars come up with hands-free controlling of your smartphone but what about the older ones. Everyone can’t afford a new car for such feature.

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The Swiss company had found a better solution by their new product Zerotouch. It comes with two metal vents, a magnetic strip and an android application. Where the vent allows your phone to mount on the dashboard of the car. The magnetic strip should be placed on the back panel of the smartphone which would make the phone attach to the vent automatically.

As the device is software enabled, it will instantly launch the Android application as soon as the phone is mounted. You can now control the phone by your gestures and voice while driving. The device gives the user various options like text-to-speech and speech to text.

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Users can make/receive calls simply by giving vocal commands & can share their current location without touching the phone. The receiver doesn’t require installing this app for receiving the data.

Zerotouch also works with third-party like Spotify, Google Maps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. The current Bluetooth enabled device works with Android phones only and the company is looking forward to developing the same for the IOS users.It is available in three different colours.

SELFIE DRONE Hover Camera  by Zero Zero Robotics

Logitech had paired up with Auto mobile Association of America for making this smart device into reality. During a press release Darrell, Logitech president and CEO, said that “As we look for ways to design products that are thoughtful solutions to human needs, we realised there was an opportunity to turn any car into a connected car.”

The colourful smart device from Logitech is extremely compact and can be carried easily. It comes in two different modes, the Air vent mount costing $60 and the other a dashboard coming for $80.Currently launched & available in Germany soon its sale would extend to all the parts of the world.

Google Slides Q&A let the audience to raise questions in a unique way!

Google Slides Q&A

Google Slides have subsumed Q&A feature in their latest update. Most of the people feel uncomfortable to bring up their questions when the presentation is live. Google has included a new feature in the Google slide, with this the users can able to connect to the presenter with the shared link soon after you post a questions to the presenter. The update in the Google slides rolled out globally from yesterday.

The questions can be posted with your name or you can also post anonymously. There is one more thing to notice; the best questions can get liked by the audience. The best question will get on the top and the other questions are in the stack. This smart move implemented by Google slides is reducing the barrier between the audience and presenter.

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The presenter can quickly notice the questions submitted by the audience and the presenter can answer them with ease. With the advancements, the presentations will be great and more productive.

Google has introduced slides Q&A in a presentation by Shree Bose (Debut Winner of the Google Science Fair). During the presentation, 170 questions were raised by the audience and more than 700 votes have posted for the submitted questions. Some of the audience had posted their questions anonymously. Meanwhile, Shree expressed her surprised after seeing all the response came from the audience.

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Shree couldn’t possibly answer all questions. So, she sorted the questions based on audience votes. The question with the most votes was submitted by seventh grader named Leila.

Google wants to hear the exact voice of what they want to say. After ending the Q&A Shree had gone through the questions and sorted them according to the audience response. Later she responded to the questions triggered from the audience.

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With this new update in the Google slides, some changes and improvements had made. One can present the Google slides from the hangouts with their smartphones, laptops or tablet. The Google Slides applications are available on different platforms with the latest update on Android, IOS and The Web.  You can present any screen with the Hangouts, Airplay and Chromecast.

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