The most used Google Voice app got a new update. Yes, the company has announced a new Google Voice app which is imminent. A new notification on Google Voice website proposed that new Google Voice is available to try out.

Changes were not made to Google Voice since the company cleaned up its voice transcriptions and integrated with Hangouts in 2015. Earlier, the app was updated in 2014 by adding the MMS messages. However, the latest news from Google is that the updated Google Voice app will roll out soon.

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Some users are checking their Google Voice accounts, and they were already greeted with a link at the top of their inboxes saying that “The New Google Voice is here” and to “Try Now.” Currently, clicking the “Try Now,” then it only refreshes the page and terminating to the same page in the Current User Interface. Just, we don’t see a new Google Voice, possibly because Google has not yet launched the switch on a new.

Google Rep wrote in a statement that “Sorry it looks like we must have dialed the wrong number, but don’t worry this is not a prank call. We are working on some updates to Google Voice right now.”

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Google Voice has not received any significant updates in recent times. Last week, Google developed Lime Audio to improve voice quality on Hangouts. So, there is no official information about what are the new changes to Google Voice. Users expect the changes have something to do with Hangouts API changes and may be fitted integration with Google’s new apps Allo and Duo. Let’s wait and see what changes the company will do for its Voice app.


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