Donald Trump popularity in China Increases. Confused? One little golden pheasant with gold hair simply looks like recently elected Donald Trump. Tourists and visitors surprised after watching the cute bird which has a bright yellow comb-over.

The bird has a similar hair style like Donald Trump, and it has discovered at Hangzhou Safari Park in Zhejiang province. Meanwhile, the bird has become a hot spot for the zoo with more visitors and tourists.

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The images of the bird have already gone viral on Chinese social media after the reporter noticed that. Called as Little Red, it is a 5-year old male bird lives in Chinese Zoom with some other animals. Little Red’s species also known as the Chinese Pheasant is homegrown to the mountains in Central China. Viewers played jokes on Donald Trump after seeing this cute bird.

The bird keeper Gao said that “we expect more tourists will come to the zoo to see the bird which is popular right now.”


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