Tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube is now associated today to work on a plan to help in reducing the spreading of the terrorist content in the online.

These global companies have announced that they are going to work together and create the shared industry database which will be used to identify this content. This includes the “most extreme and egregious terrorist images and videos” which are removed by their respective services.

Facebook has elaborated how this database will be going to work in a recent announcement in their newsroom. This disturbing content will be cut down by using the digital fingerprints. The identification and the removal have made more easy and efficient by the company’s computer systems and algorithms.

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The database which is holding the hashed images and in the similar way these organizations are keeping child pornography off their services. Mainly the piece content is marked as the unique identifier, and also they will produce the same hash value. The same systems and techniques are used to identify the copyright protected files.

The new collaborated project differs that these terrorist images,videos will not be automatically removed after matching with the content in the database. Therefore individual companies will determine how and when the content is removed depending upon their policies.

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Facebook also mentioned that personal information would not be shared, though it did not mention that information is collected. The government still has the legal rights to find out the accounts and where the content has originated and other details.

This latest database is continuously updated so that the company can uncover the new terrorist images and videos which can be hashed and added to that shared resource.

This initial step from the top social networks is not restricted to them; the main goal is to share the database available to the other companies in the future. On this occasion, Facebook says “We hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online.”

With this recent collaboration, it could bring the new path for the companies to work together and control the fake news and other illegal activities on the social media.