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YouTube Is Looking for Ways to Stop the Misuse of the Dislike Button

In an attempt to prevent the ‘dislike mob’ from negatively reviewing any content or channel on YouTube, the creators are seeking out for new ways to tackle the issue.

YouTube also experimented with some possible techniques such as asking the creators to opt for ‘don’t want statistics’ while creating a video, asking the viewers to provide an explanation for the ranking or removing the button altogether. However, the first remedy could not be performed because statistics are important for some creators and cannot be simply removed. The second option can be improvised to provide a reason by marking a checkbox. This can possibly reduce the huge number of dislikes because they will need to think for a reason before hitting the button.

Removing the dislike button completely can be unfair to some viewers who genuinely find the video useless. One more solution that was suggested was that the likes or dislikes should not be counted until the viewer has watched 25 percent of the video. This will compel them to watch the video at least once and will result in an increase in the number of views and a more genuine response.

The dislike mob is actually very depressing and demotivating for the video creators because they involve an entire group of people to intentionally mark it as not useful even when they haven’t actually watched it. The problem is getting serious and therefore, YouTube has decided to look into it urgently.

YouTube is a social platform for change, entertainment and is made to enjoy the freedom of expression. There are lots of videos being uploaded every day with immense hope and dedication. But, when the community goes full strength in pushing it down, it can be very hurting and rebellious.

We are glad that YouTube has discovered this issue and finds it really urgent to correct it. It doesn’t want to be unjustified and abandoned gradually, which will happen ultimately if this continues.

YouTube hasn’t incorporated any changes as of now, but it will share any update with the public as soon as something comes up.

YouTube gets a new makeover: Check Out new YouTube logo, design & other Features

The largest video-sharing website YouTube rolls out new changes in its user interface to attract more number of users. YouTube is getting the biggest makeover till date. Significant Changes takes place like changes in the classic logo of YouTube to adding new features to the existing one.YouTube new logo and redesign were the major make overs done.

The company’s most iconic logo is getting a redesign, with the focus shifting away from the word Tube on to the play button for the first time. The re-designed logo of YouTube consists of a red tube with a white screen and a red play button.

YouTube rolls out in-App Chat Feature Globally for direct messaging & sharing videos

The new desktop design of YouTube is now available to all global users of YouTube, is supposed to be cleaner and simpler. The major change is the usual white website background swaps with a dark theme for an eye-friendlier experience during night-time.

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer,” We will bring a new level of functionality and a more consistent look across our desktop and mobile experiences.”According to the company, YouTube new logo allows users more flexible design that works in all variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens. The company added YouTube is designed for the way you watch; you can now watch vertical video on full screen. Now users can double tap on the video to go back and also skip ahead by doing the same by 10 seconds.

The new YouTube interface will help users to jump between videos with just a swipe of your finger, swiping left to watch the previous video, or right to view the next one. You can also speed up or slow down the video play backs too.

Check out YouTube New Features

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YouTube rolls out in-App Chat Feature Globally for direct messaging & sharing videos

YouTube Messenger: YouTube has launched a new tab labeled as Shared with Direct Messaging features Exclusively for App users. This feature is lately in testing mode with users in particular markets.Earlier in January, the beta version of the app was rolled out but only available for the users in Canada.

This app helps the users to share the video and have a conversation with their friends and family over those videos. Now users no need to share the links to the video on other social networking sites; they share video under one app only. Previously, this app used to be available for only Android and IOS users

YouTube Messenger has been in testing since last year, and many modifications have carried out with user feed backs. Finally, the feature is ready to roll out globally. The users now share and receive video and chat about them on YouTube itself.

YouTube Will No Longer Serve Ads for Demeaning Content

Users can start using this app by clicking the share button and choose the contact you want to share from your contact list. The users can also add friends to the existing conversation. Direct invite link will be sent to the contacts, or you can directly add them to contacts through the app.

The new Shared tab will show the history of your received and shared videos along with any conversation with them. Also, YouTube user can also reply for the videos they receive either with another video or even a heart. Broadcast messaging up to 30 people is supported too.

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YouTube Ends Video Editor and Photo Slideshow Tools on its Platform

YouTube has announced the end of Video Editor and Photo slideshows tools on its platform. Yet, there are a couple of months to go for the end, and September 20 marks the date. However, the company has further confirmed that not all features will be removed. Users can still make use of their favorite enhancements like trimming, blurring, and filters. The video streaming giant claims the limited usage of YouTube video editor as the reason for discontinuation.

“We’ve seen a limited usage of these features, so we’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features,” says community manager Marissa on a Google Product Forum page.

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Here’s an unveiled caution for YouTube video editor users to finalize their projects before September 20. However, videos which have been published using YouTube Video Editor or Photos slideshows remain unaffected.

Creators who wish to download their videos from the Video Editor can do so in 720p resolution. Also, they can get the videos from Google Takeout without any loss in the original quality.

Never the less, not all editing options will be disappeared from YouTube platform. Creators can make minor adjustments to the videos without actually re-uploading the entire video again. Enhancements feature in the Video Manager Section remains the same with edit options like trimming, blurring, and filters.

It will be interesting seeing as this indirectly hints that Google is encouraging free video editors and paid third-party editing tools.

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YouTube Losses Many Advertisers for Placing the Ads Next to Hate Speech

Many of the advertisers are demanding Google the discounted prices for advertisements of them are appearing after the extremist videos and hate speech videos on YouTube. According to the reports, after this month revelation, the companies like Walmart, PepsiCo, Amazon, Starbucks and much more are announced that they suspended their advertising.

Along with Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, the telecom companies such as AT&T and Verizon also pulled their ads from the Google’s YouTube earlier this week. The removing of advertisements is still continuing even after apologising for tainting brands by the Google. The majority of companies are pulling the ads from YouTube and also from the sites which support Google’s Ad technology.

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On Tuesday, the search giant proposed the changes of keeping the advertisements after the hate speech and extremist videos which was first spotted by The Times. This has become a larger problem for the YouTube and Google Advertising websites.

For more years till now, YouTube has championed itself as the place to find more number of videos in various factors. Google allows most of the automated programs to place ads in YouTube videos. Currently, about 400 hours of video posted each minute and over 1billion hours of video consumed each day on YT.

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We’ve begun an extensive review of our advertising policies and have made a public commitment to put in place changes that give brands more control over where their ads appear. “We’re also raising the bar for our ads policies to safeguard our advertisers’ brands further,” Google said in a statement.

Google announced that it has promised to give permission for the brands direct control and insight of where their ads placed on YouTube and other Google-partnered third party websites. The search giant also said that they are implementing artificial intelligence powered filtering to detect and fix the offensive language and other hateful content in the video.

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