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YouTube Ends Video Editor and Photo Slideshow Tools on its Platform

YouTube Video editor

YouTube has announced the end of Video Editor and Photo slideshows tools on its platform. Yet, there are a couple of months to go for the end, and September 20 marks the date. However, the company has further confirmed that not all features will be removed. Users can still make use of their favorite enhancements like trimming, blurring, and filters. The video streaming giant claims the limited usage of YouTube video editor as the reason for discontinuation.

“We’ve seen a limited usage of these features, so we’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features,” says community manager Marissa on a Google Product Forum page.

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Here’s an unveiled caution for YouTube video editor users to finalize their projects before September 20. However, videos which have been published using YouTube Video Editor or Photos slideshows remain unaffected.

Creators who wish to download their videos from the Video Editor can do so in 720p resolution. Also, they can get the videos from Google Takeout without any loss in the original quality.

Never the less, not all editing options will be disappeared from YouTube platform. Creators can make minor adjustments to the videos without actually re-uploading the entire video again. Enhancements feature in the Video Manager Section remains the same with edit options like trimming, blurring, and filters.

It will be interesting seeing as this indirectly hints that Google is encouraging free video editors and paid third-party editing tools.

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YouTube Losses Many Advertisers for Placing the Ads Next to Hate Speech

Advertisers Demand Discount at Google after YouTube Backlash

Many of the advertisers are demanding Google the discounted prices for advertisements of them are appearing after the extremist videos and hate speech videos on YouTube. According to the reports, after this month revelation, the companies like Walmart, PepsiCo, Amazon, Starbucks and much more are announced that they suspended their advertising.

Along with Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, the telecom companies such as AT&T and Verizon also pulled their ads from the Google’s YouTube earlier this week. The removing of advertisements is still continuing even after apologising for tainting brands by the Google. The majority of companies are pulling the ads from YouTube and also from the sites which support Google’s Ad technology.

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On Tuesday, the search giant proposed the changes of keeping the advertisements after the hate speech and extremist videos which was first spotted by The Times. This has become a larger problem for the YouTube and Google Advertising websites.

For more years till now, YouTube has championed itself as the place to find more number of videos in various factors. Google allows most of the automated programs to place ads in YouTube videos. Currently, about 400 hours of video posted each minute and over 1billion hours of video consumed each day on YT.

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We’ve begun an extensive review of our advertising policies and have made a public commitment to put in place changes that give brands more control over where their ads appear. “We’re also raising the bar for our ads policies to safeguard our advertisers’ brands further,” Google said in a statement.

Google announced that it has promised to give permission for the brands direct control and insight of where their ads placed on YouTube and other Google-partnered third party websites. The search giant also said that they are implementing artificial intelligence powered filtering to detect and fix the offensive language and other hateful content in the video.

KatamaRayudu Fourth Song Released: Listen KatamaRayudu Emo Emo Song Here

Katamarayudu 4th song emo emo

The Must Awaited fourth Song from the KatamaRayudu had released today at 6 PM.After releasing the first three songs the filmmakers of Katamarayudu had released the 4th song emo emo today at the official YouTube channel.

The film songs are releasing with three or four days of gap one-by-one on the YouTube channel. The music for the film composed by Anup Rubens and now they released the Katamarayudu emo emo Song on official youtube page.

The movie was coming under Northstar Entertainment banner where they tweeted about the Katamarayudu Movie Fourth Song which was launched at Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM. The Katamarayudu film unit planned a grand pre-release function on 18th March 2017 and no music launch event.

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Recently released Katamarayudu teaser has crossed 10 Million views, and the songs ‘Mira Mira Meesam’ and ‘Laage Laage’ songs got 4.4 Million and 2.4 Million views respectively on the YouTube. The newly released Katamarayudu Jivvu Jivvu Song gained 1.8 Million views upto now, and it is expected to gain more views as the previous songs.

The latest flick is touted to be an action entertainer directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani alias Dolly, produced by Sarath Marrar on Northstar Entertainment banner. Sruthi Hassan played the lead role opposite Pawan Kalyan and music was composed by Anup Rubens. According to the reports, the film will go for censor report on 15th March 2017 and scheduled to hit the theatres on 24th March 2017.

KatamaRayudu Fourth Song Emo Emo

YouTube Receives One Billion Hours of Videos Watch Time Every Day

one billion viewers youtube

The Google-owned YouTube has reported that the users are watching about one billion hours of videos every single day. It is easy to track YouTube’s most popular videos and rather than this, it is harder to know how much tie that the viewers watched the videos.

YouTube has grown into one of the most popular sites on the internet than compared to other video sharing websites both in terms of video and audio. According to the latest reports, over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched around the globe every single day.

YouTube to stop placing Unskippable 30 secs ads from next year

The company has posted on its official website that watching the billion hours would take over to the 100,000 years. They have mentioned about the YouTube videos watching count on their blog on Monday. They announced that they are focusing more on the length of time people spent on watching videos than the overall views got for the video.

The report of billion hours figure shows the company’s continuous growth even the new platforms come online. As per the reports, most of the views come from mobiles. With an increasing number of views from the mobile gives the total number of auto-captioned videos.

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It became the most dominant video platform, and now YouTube starts to roll out the mobile live streaming feature. Whether it is a movie trailer, a music video, cooking shows or other gaming channels they can make the live stream through mobiles. YouTube is making changes to the website which includes removal of unskippable 30sec commercial videos from next year.

YouTube to stop placing Unskippable 30 secs ads from next year

youtube unskippable ads

Google has announced its plans to end the unskippable 30 sec ad before a video. The search engine giant has explained in the recent statement. Instead, it is focusing on a new format which can work well with both advertisers and users as well. However, this new format will get on track in the coming year.

The reason behind Google taking this decision is a bit hazy. Advertisers find that the users were simply skipping past videos with pricey unskippable ads.

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We’re committed to providing better ads experience for users online. As part of that, we’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers,” Google said.

However, this doesn’t mean that all are going to be skipped away. 15-second and 20-second ads will still stick around. The new format is likely to see six-second “bumper ads” rather than the ones which can be moved past after five seconds. And again, this change will start taking place at least by the starting of 2018.

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It is more interesting to see how Google is slowly monetizing YouTube with an increase in efficiency. But, YouTube has a long way to go for being a money maker for the search engine Giant Google.

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