Amazon Go is the new way of shopping with world’s advanced technology. This is the shopping where, there will be no lines, no checkout! Just grab and go with the things you like in the store. Amazon Go uses the most advanced technologies like Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, Deep learning algorithms and just walk out the technology.

Amazon Go will give the tough competition to the supermarket chains. The shopper has to enter into the store showing the QR code available in his account. The technology in the store detects, what the customer has picked from the shelves will be added to the bill of their Amazon account.

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All you need is an Amazon account, the supported smartphone and Amazon Go app. You can download the Amazon Go application from Google Play Store for the Android users. The iOS application is under development, and it will be soon available for the Apple users.

You can get the delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack made by their chefs every day. You can also find your favourite kitchen, bakeries, and groceries in a wide range.

The space of the store is about 1,800 square feet, and the users can shop conveniently, the busy customers can get in and out quickly. You can visit the store and browse and shop the way you do in other stores. There will be no billing counters during the checkout and you need not supposed to stand in the lines. Seriously this is beyond the regular shopping experience with the Amazon Go.

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Currently, this store is located in Seattle, and it is open for the Amazon employees in their Beta program. Amazon Go will go live to the public in early 2017. You can also subscribe for the Amazon to get notified when the store opens to the public.


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